A story about Abundance!

Arrgh, I yelled in complete frustration. For the third time that week I was standing in my kitchen with a pool of plastic food containers around my feet. My frustration had reached its peak as every time I pulled a container from that cupboard, the contents would spill out around me onto the floor. I started putting the containers back into the cupboard muttering to myself about the waste of time, lack of space and why was it that we had so many containers in the first place? As I shoved and stacked and grumbled under my breath it suddenly occurred to me (actually I think the clouds parted and angels might have sung)I am ABUNDANT! There it was, falling at my feet every time I opened the cupboard and I hadnt seen it abundance was all around me!

Have you noticed that you are abundant or, like me, are you missing all of the signs that are pointing to what is possible for you in your life? Are you  missing all of the signs of the abundance that God has already given you?  The reality is that your natural state is one of abundance but you often dont see it because you are surrounded by messages of not being enough, messages of not having enough and messages of not doing enough. Billboards, television commercials, radio ads and even email spam are designed to make you feel that you are lacking in some area of your life and they are designed to make you think if you purchase their product or service you will finally be living the good life. It is this feeling of lack or scarcity that makes you doubt your worth; that makes you feel like you are not enough, that makes you doubt God and makes you wonder why God is not giving you what the advertisements are telling you that you should have. This feeling is uncomfortable and to avoid discomfort you may try to fill the void of lack and scarcity by focusing on abundance.

What does abundant/abundance mean? According to Dictionary.com it means present in great quantity, more than adequate; over sufficient; well supplied; overflowing (like my plastic containers). Merriam-Webster has a similar definition: more than enough, amply sufficient. What I notice in these definitions is that there is no mention of love, money, jobs, cars, etc. Clients will often tell me that they want to be more abundant but all their efforts of focusing on abundance have not had the results they were expecting. When I question them about their definition of abundance, it is often about having more money or love. It is this very narrow definition that can keep them in their lack situation.

So how do you create abundance in your life? There is more to it than thinking positively and focusing on what you want. While positive thinking and clarity are helpful they may be masking the true feeling you are experiencing which is the feeling of lack. Because often times we attract into our lives whatever we are feeling, if you feel you are lacking in some area of your life (love, money, jobs, opportunities, etc), you will continue to manifest more lack even if you are focusing on abundance. There is a misalignment between what you want and what you are feeling. To create the abundance that you are seeking you need to align with abundance.

Take a look around you. It took the plastic containers spilling onto the floor time and time again to make me stop and look around for all the examples of abundance in my life; a spacious home, an excess of coffee mugs, love of family and friends, books, food and even clutter! What are your examples? Notice everything that you have in great quantity, that may be overflowing and recognize it as a sign of your abundance. Take delight in what you have and if you are hard pressed to find anything that feels like abundance go outside and look at the trees. Notice how many leaves they have and all the shade they provide. Or maybe you have an excess of snow where you live, or noise or silence. I have been known to refer to the dust bunnies as a sign of abundance! You are abundant; you just may have to look for it more consciously. Then, express your gratitude to God for what you do have that is in excess. Expressing your gratitude opens your heart and your heart is abundant. It has everything you need – unlimited love, courage, strength, joy, creativity, energy you name it. The more time you spend connected to and living from your heart the more full you will feel which leads to you guessed it more abundance (even in the areas where you might have been lacking)!

We live with overwhelming media messages everyday and its not always possible to filter out the lack message but when you begin to focus on what you do have, on areas of your life where you are abundant you will, indeed, be living the good life.  And if you need any plastic food containers just let me know I have an abundance!

-D. D. Dunn