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When You Just Don’t Understand, “YOU gotta trust God”!

Have you ever found yourself looking up, fists clenched, and demanding to know the ‘why’ behind your suffering? If you have, You’re far from alone. Most of us if we’re being honest with ourselves and honest with God, have felt

Trust God! He is working to make things “better”!

It takes a spiritually mature Christian to say, “Let God be God” while in the throes of agonizing difficulties. A Christian’s life creed is easier said than done, yet it stands as the sole path to a Spirit-filled life if

God Wants To help fix what you been going through!

“O, storm-battered city, troubled and desolate, I will build you with precious jewels.” Isaiah 54:11 If you’ve been hit with a storm in your finances, relationships, marriage, or health God has some encouraging words for you. His words are not

YOU will help Unlock God’s Purposes if you pray more!

Have you ever wondered what God’s plans and purposes are for your life? As a Christian, you probably understand the importance of seeking God’s presence and listening to His voice. It is through prayer and communing with God that you

Don’t give up!

In the midst of the escalating threats and declining morals we see in the world today, it’s easy to get discouraged and become fearful. Yet God always provides a witness to His love and salvation! In the Old Testament, Isaiah

God wants to make Ways For You!

No matter what is going on in your life that you either do not agree with or do not like, we’d like to encourage you to not worry too much about it because if you believe in and trust God