Do you Need God’s Strength to go on?

Many of us have felt we did not have strength for the journey ahead. We may have encountered battle after battle and may have come to the place where we found ourselves weary. Have you ever been so tired of going through that you don’t feel like going on or you feel like there is no strength left. If you’re really tired you may have even felt that unless God gave His Supernatural strength, you would not be able to go on. Have you been in the place we are describing? The truth is God has more strength than we will ever need in this life. He protects us with His shield and leads us in His ways. In the times when you may feel there is no strength left, if you call upon and seek God He will provides you with the strength you might need to go on, and when God does this you will know and then within your heart will come an abundance of praise. When you call upon God and seek His help, His power and His empowerment, you will then gain the strength to not only continue the journey, but you will now have the strength to overcome life’s problems and troubles.

As long as You trust in the Lord and seek His help continually, You can be assured that you will have all the strength you will need to overcome everything the enemy tries to bring against you. It really does not matter what the enemy tries to bring against you, God always has the answer and provides the necessary strength to win the battles of life. God is always for us and He is always meeting every need we have. He is so gracious to provide us with everything needed to accomplish His will. As we praise the Lord for His great strength, we take our eyes off what the enemy is doing, and place our eyes upon Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith. He allows us to call upon Him for our strength because we realize we have come to the place where there is no one we can receive our strength from except the Lord.

Let us praise the Lord for His goodness and strength. Let us praise Him because He gives up help the times of trouble and when the circumstances of life try to overwhelm us, overpower us and choke the life out of us. God always has the answer and in His time and in His way will get it to us. God wants us all to continue the journey He has us on and the journey He has placed before us. So, Let us run our race with joy and thanksgiving as we seek God’s direction for our lives.