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YOU may NOT understand, but God is Guiding You!

“This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard. Our flight today will reach a cruising altitude of 33,000 feet. The weather looks good and we should arrive at our destination in approximately one hour and 20 minutes. Until then, sit back,

Does it seem like God forgot what He promised? Reasons you should keep waiting! 

Are you stuck in a whirlwind of problems that seem like they have dragged on for what feels like many days, many weeks, many months, many years or even decades? If it does, You’re not alone; many people are wrestling

7 prayers to help your morning be great!

Whether you jump out of bed in the morning or attempt to hit snooze as many times possible before waking up, it is important to invite God into your day. We do not wake up each day hoping the sun

Is God Nudging You to Get Help With YOUR Strongholds?

Does one prevailing problem stalk your life? Where does Satan have a hook in you? Some are prone to cheat. Others are quick to doubt. Maybe you worry. Yes, everyone worries some — but you own the national distributorship of

God invites you to Time Travel, Read The Scriptures!

 Many people tend to look at the Scriptures the wrong way. They pick up the Bible and read it like it is an encyclopedia. Sure, there is nothing wrong with reading the Bible in that manner, but God wants you

Spiritually dry? God can help!

Navigating Spiritual Dryness when you are tired of struggling and don’t believe anymore can be an overwhelming and discouraging experience. You may feel like you are spiritually empty, distant from God, and question if your faith is even real. But

It’s not too late, breakthroughs are still possible!

Life can often throw us into situations where it feels like no one is there to help, where all our efforts seem futile, and we’re drained from endless attempts to find a solution. It’s during these times of despair that

Your dreams are “Gifts” from God!

Buried deep in the earth of our hearts, God has buried dreams and hopes. While they lie under the surface, they ARE there. Don’t chafe when you are caught in the in-between. Every time I come west, something deep inside