The Indescribable Love and Faithfulness of God

Do you doubt God’s love for you?

Are you convinced of His love and faithfulness towards a fallen humanity? Consider these facts from God’s Word: In the Garden of Eden, God showed us His idea of the true “Good Life”. He told us to be fruitful, to conquer, to enjoy, to care for, and to have dominion over the Garden. Through Adam, mankind opened the door for the Enemy to battle our minds, striking our heels and affecting our stride. From the beginning, God provided a window for us to view His redemptive plan for repairing the tragedy of a fallen humanity. Through Noah, God gave us the rainbow as a symbol that He would not give up on His quest to bring salvation to mankind.

No matter what we do, the rainbow still stands as a supernatural symbol of hope, reminding us that God is still working in us and through us.

Through Abraham, God showed us the power of one man’s faith. In His awesomeness, God gave us a new and peculiar nation and made them an object of His favor. It is through Israel that God’s blessing continues to be released to the world, even today. Through Moses, God revealed His high standards, His power, His expectations and His heart. Through His precious law, His ways were made clearer to mankind. He provided humanity with wonderful blessings and terrifying curses, and gave us the choice of which path to take. His law shows humanity the bleak existence we have without Him, but his immeasurable love stands as a banner of hope for those who accept Him. Through David, God established His kingdom forever and announced to the world the coming of the King of kings.

When all hope was almost vanished, and the descendants of David were no more, Jesus opened the Covenant to the world. Through Christ, the veil of the old is broken and the new wine is served. Through the Holy Spirit, the law is no longer external, but speaking softly in our minds and written in our hearts. We can now see for ourselves the magnitude and splendor of our God, and His indescribable love and faithfulness.

-Angel Casiano