Want to be part of the Holy Moment?

If I could impart the knowledge of how you could be part of the holy moment, and you in turn, experienced the holy moment, it would be glorious in that through your experience it would release me and thereby bless us both. It is in that spirit that I explain the concept of the Holy Moment so that you may go there in your time of need. The Holy Moment encompasses many things simultaneously, yet only one thing that is very simple. And that thing is ‘Oneness’ with the universe. The Holy Moment holds simultaneously peace and joy and a sense of well-being. A connectivity to Christ, and to your Father, and the brotherhood of man who came here to create together and to be One with all and the universe.  That is the ‘Oneness. It is a moment in which you can only experience truth. It is a place of refuge whereby your problems will be eliminated because in the ‘Oneness’ you can only feel joy and peace. In that moment truths beyond your comprehension will be revealed to you through your Holy Spirit. (higher self) In that moment is what eternity feels like because you are an eternal being, made in the image of your Father who is eternal. In the Holy Moment time does not exist. Before entering the Holy Moment let go of the past, the present and the future. The Holy moment is NOW. The Holy Moment is a collaboration of vibes and minds, a mixture of energy and pure light. God gives each and every person this moment as a gift. He is lavish in offering blessings and celebrating the birth of a divine sonship which includes you.
Contrary to popular belief, God did not create human beings to be totally depraved — born in original sin and predestined to damnation.


You were NOT born in sin — but rather in perfection. Rid yourself of guilt before entering the Holy Moment and know that you are perfect in the eyes of God for he knows no other condition than perfection.
Love your neighbor as you would love yourself and know that the brotherhood is not separate and apart from you. Don’t judge your brother because at that moment you are judging yourself.
Don’t attack your brother because you are attacking yourself. Don’t hold your brother in contempt because you are holding yourself in contempt. You are ‘One’ with your brother. Forgive him as well as yourself before entering the Holy Moment. God intends for us to use and transform the natural world around us for good purposes. He willed each of us to be here and God freely offers his grace in a much more particular, personal and individual way, letting each person work through all their experiences and letting them see their lives whole. God is spirit and those who worship God must worship in spirit and truth.
Note that Jesus’ reply is that of a Universalist. Jesus told this story, not as a promised land beyond time and space, not as delayed gratification in a Heaven far away, but rather as an experience to be had in this life—right here, right now. He is your redemption and the way to your atonement. Mind resides in you and takes control. The ego would tell you of death, destruction of despair, of imperfection, of guilt, of  unforgiveness, of attack, of your insignificance instead of your power, or of anything that would be the opposite of God’s loving wishes for you.
You cannot serve two Masters. The ego is the Master that will lead you to disappointment, death, insanity and chaos. Anything of the ego is insanity. Therefore, before entering the Holy Moment you must learn to leave those things of the ego at the door.
Everything in the world around us is made up of Spirit, of life , of God, (pick your favorite). Everything that comes to us comes by His hand and through His heart. And, most importantly, everything falls into place when we remember that He is God and there is nobody greater, nobody more powerful and no 1 more merciful. We have forgotten our divine plan and why we gathered here in the flesh. The Holy spirit (higher self) remembers and if you go to that quiet place, the Holy Moment, it will all be revealed to you.

S. Arciaga