Good Friday is coming!Are your ready?

Good Friday is the Friday just before Easter Sunday. It is a day that is sacred for people all over the world.  But why is Good Friday so important you may wonder? This is a question that must have surely clicked in  your mind at some point in time. In this article we will enlighten you about the significance of Good Friday.

Jesus Christ’s head was pierced with thorns, before he was made to carry his heavy cross all the way to Mount Calvary. It was this place where he was mercilessly nailed to the cross. Before he died all he said was, ‘Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.’ Such was the love that he had for the world. It is the day when the Son of God was murdered on earth. Good Friday is the day that Jesus sacrificed His life so that He would be able to save those from sin that would invite Him into their lives and accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ’s death on the cross was brutally terrible. Good Friday reminds us of the amount of love that God has for us to allow such a thing to occur to His 1 and only son. God loved us all so much that he readily gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins.

It also is  proof of the love that Jesus had for all of us, that he suffered such a painful death on the cross. Jesus Christ’s Mother Mary went through incredible pain and suffering to see her son suffer in this way. The disciples that were following Jesus experienced incredible trauma watching their leader die such a brutal death. God also suffered watching the whole ordeal occur. But God often doesn’t allow something so brutally wrong to happen without planning to redeem the entire situation for good and for His Glory. God almost always plans a redemptive side to most equations that outweighs the pain and suffering that one encounters when going through trials and tribulations. God showed His redemptive nature when He provided Jesus with an amazing Resurrection back to life even after His brutal death. Jesus Christ’s resurrection back to life amazed everyone including His mother. This is why the meaning of  Easter is so powerful, The death, burial and Resurrection of Jesus demonstrates God willingness to grant resurrection even after some of the worst things have happened. So no matter what you are going through, don’t lose hope, but wait for your day of “Resurrection. If God resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead, He can cause resurrection to happen in Your life too! So stay watchful! Stay Expectant! Keep praying and Keep seeking God!

On Good Friday, Christians around the world will mourn over the death of Christ. It is a day when sessions are conducted in churches to remind the people about the sacrifice of the Lord. Many Churches conduct a live demonstration or enact out the scene of Jesus’ crucifixion so that everyone can see what actually happened. All of this is conducted to remind everyone how much Jesus loved us. Many times in our personal lives we are faced with pain and suffering, Good Friday gives us strength and reminds us about the immense love that Jesus has for us all and it is this love that He has for us that causes Him to never leave our side even when we think we’re all alone dealing with the struggles of life.

The cross has ever since become the greatest and the most powerful symbol of love. Even after thousands of years, people remember this day and are perpetually grateful to Jesus for his selfless sacrifice. As Good Friday approaches Friday April 18th, we’d like to encourage you to seek God and ask Him how you can honor Him for the sacrifice that He made when He allowed His 1 and only Son Jesus Christ to be crucified on the cross in such a horrible way for our sins! We’d also like to invite you to seek God for resurrection in your own life for things that are not working, things you are tired of, and things you don’t understand and then wait expectantly for His response to your request for “Resurrection”! Good Friday is coming, are you ready?