God may Bless America if you pray!

Have you ever heard the phrase “God Bless America”? No truer words have ever been said, because we all really do need God to bless America. The phrase “God Bless America” is often said in general and almost always relating to the world as a whole needing God’s blessings.  God has already blessed us all because of the sacrifices made daily by some of the bravest men and women in the world everyday in an attempt to serve our world.  Service to this world comes in many different forms including people serving in the armed forces, people serving as preachers, Evangelists, teachers, Bishops, Apostles, politicians, doctors, lawyers, nurses, etc…..people working in many different areas of life serve this country. This country would not be a success without the service of many people on many different levels, this service is sometimes honored by some and  ignored by others. Because the world as we know it is in constant crisis, it is going to need more of  God’s blessings, more of His help and more of His intervention to bring about the harmony, restoration and order that God wishes to see happen in His world.  The more that we need from God is possible if we all pray!  When we all pray we need to include in our prayers requests to God to bless America, because God’s blessings have the power to change things in an instant. When God blesses Lives are changed in an instant. When God blesses, order is restored. When God blesses, wars cease and compromise is accomplished. When God blesses what was not working all of a sudden works. When God blesses what was at a standstill is suddenly resolved!

When we pray we need to petition “God to Bless America the land that we love for peace, safety, financial help, healings, order and His protection….we need to petition God to bless other countries and other nations that are also facing perils of war, disaster, disharmony and anything else terrible that you can think of . We live in the greatest country on Earth, and we have a right and an obligation to defend the securities of those that live within its borders, as well as those on the outside. We should all love this country as God does and ask Him for help to fix the mess that this country finds itself in.

God is counting on you to bring your petitions to Him in prayer daily, weekly and monthly. He waits with anticipation for you to show up and talk with Him not just about your problems and concerns but also about the problems of this world and other nations that are having troubles galore. Oftentimes nothing will change until you do, so if things are not getting any better in the world for you, have you asked yourself how many prayers you’ve said for the world to get better? Have you prayed and asked God to help your neighborhood, your city and your state to get better?  ” Now is the time to use your voice where it counts. Your voice in prayer matters to God. He said in “Philippians 4:6 “Do not worry about anything, but through prayer and supplication, make your requests known to Him”.

God has positioned you for now where He wants you to be, why not start where you are right now and begin to pray for your household, your neighborhood, your city, your state and then the world? Through your prayers God would then be able to begin to do more work and more good to bring about change, restoration and order to a world that is in desperate need of his blessings. Even if you do not feel like praying much, you can pray some, but start where you are and do what you can and do it as often as you can and watch God begin to work to bring about change, restoration, order, harmony and His blessings upon  the world around you! Put aside malice, hurt, bitterness and any petty disagreements that you may have about how things are or how they have been, and what is not working and  join forces in prayer with God against the evils of the world, and through your consistent prayers, let Him begin to work in and around you to bless this world. We can not afford to be complacent and wait for someone else to do all of the work to get this world fixed, so let’s all do what we can where we are with what we have.  Why overlook the obvious signs of instability around us when our prayers can make a difference? We must be strong and persistent in prayer before God and trust that He will hear our prayers and begin to do His good work and bless this world the way He wants to bless it when we pray and fix the problems that have remained unresolved for years waiting for someone else to fix them.

Can God count on you to pray for His world? Do you want God to bless America and the nations around America in need of His help? If so, join us in this simple prayer;

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for opening my eyes to your desire for me to pray to you about more than just my problems or issues. I am concerned about the affairs of this world and I am petitioning you to bless America and any countries around America that is in need of your help, your Grace, your mercy, guidance or provisions. Father without your watchful protection, your blessings and your mercy our worlds will crumble and human existence may cease to be that which you created or wanted it to be, I pray for your constant intervention and help to transform this world into what you would want it to be in Jesus name I ask and pray. – Amen




K. Ayres & “The WIN International Ministries Team”