God wants to lead you to Your Purpose!

We have great potential. We have so much potential! Each of us can be the unique and extraordinary person that God originally created us to be! We all have the ability to make millions of dollars, invent cures to terminal diseases and influence generations of people for God’s kingdom! However, the average individual has the tendency to settle for far less than that of their ability and then ponders the resultant discontentment and frustration that comes along with living a dull, boring and ordinary life.

God wants more for you than you just getting by. He wants more for you than just the status quota. He wants you to accomplish and achieve the extraordinary purposes for which He placed you upon this earth for!

Our Inner Passion
There is a force within us that makes us dissatisfied and hungry for greatness and for more. It drives us upward and onward towards the destination of our dreams and desires. God placed this within us! The problem is that a great deal of people, unfortunately try to deaden that burning force by booze, watching TV aimlessly, making mere acquaintances and even attempting hazardous activities such as drug abuse and other illicit behavior. But this force called Passion will not, and should never be denied.

The inner passion that resides within you can be cultivated by God if you are ready to step out of any ho hum existence and inquire of God as to how best to cultivate your inner passion.

Your Life Belongs To God
God created every single human in this world for a unique purpose. That purpose means respectively different things to each and every one of us. You will know when you are walking in God’s purposes because it will enable you to live your life to the fullest and you will be fulfilled and happy. The pathways that God charts out for you always lead You to fulfill your unique purposes! God created you and He is counting on you to fulfill your life purposes. He is willing to guide you each and every step of the way if you will walk with Him on the pathways that He charts out for you that will lead you towards the fulfillment of your life’s purposes!

What Your Life Should Be
Michael Jordan is a great basketball player. He played basketball as if was his life. That is why it is said by Magic Johnson that “There is Michael Jordan, and then there is the rest of us.” Now imagine if Michael Jordan were to become a scientist instead of a basketball player. Would he have become the legend that he is? Think of Bill Gates as an artist instead of a businessman. Are you becoming the legend that you should be?

If not,here are three actions you can take to put these ideas into practice:


First, reflect on your dreams and your life. Accept nothing of mediocrity.

Second, see yourself as God sees you; the head and not the tail, above and not below. Wealthy and not poor. Healthy and not sick.

Third, ask God to help you develop a plan based on what He created you to do and then ask Him to help you accomplish the dreams and goals that He created you to accomplish.

After you put these 3 ideas into practice, get going with God, let God lead you and pretty soon you will begin to find that you are on the right road to fulfilling YOUR unique purposes!