God’s Best Friend

God’s Best Friend

My son Tyler and I were discussing our two pets the other day. Tyler absolutely loves animals. For years we had an annual pass to the Ft. Worth Zoo and it seemed like we were there every week. Tyler still loves the zoo but he now gets his animal fix by watching Animal Planet TV. Our family has two pets at home, a Boston terrier named “Bogey” and a cat named “Zoey”. Tyler asked me the other day, “Dad, who do you love the most, Bogey or Zoey?” I told him I loved them both, but the answer is not a simple one.

Bogey is a great dog. He never barks, unless you are playing with him. He loves everyone in the family and all of our friends. Bogey is a real people friendly dog that loves to play and just hang out. He is constantly looking for affection and at a moment’s notice he will be right with you eating up all the love you want to give him. Once you’re done loving on him he will stand by, waiting for the next opportunity to be with you. Just say the word “GO” and he is at the garage door waiting for his favorite activity, a car ride to anywhere. Our family is the center of Bogey’s universe.

Zoey is a really good cat, but as with most cats affection is on her terms. When you least want her, like right now while I am trying to write this article or late at night when we are ready for bed, she demands your attention. When you want to love on her and hold her she will have nothing to do with you and really doesn’t even care if you exist. Affection for Zoey is a one-way street, in her direction.

We love both of our pets. However, there is a reason why people call dogs “Man’s Best Friend.” You see it is very comforting to know that our dog will always give us his unconditional love.

Our cat gives us love too! But, only when she has a want or need.

How do you come to our Father? Are you constantly looking for Him? Are you waiting and listening for His voice, wanting His love 24/7? Or are you selective when you allow God into your life? Is the affection between you and God a one-way street in your direction?

The funny thing about God’s love is that he loves us all. However, he cherishes those who want that 24/7 relationship. Make God the center of your universe giving him your unconditional love and become God’s Best Friend!

Here is a little prayer assignment for you. For 7 days, don’t make any request, instead praise and love on God. Let me know what happens, I think you will be real surprised.

Randy Beckett is an author, speaker, entrepreneur/consultant who can be read daily at: http://www.theentrepreneurial-spirit.com