Does this Christmas find YOU Uncertain?

In times of uncertainty people want visionary leaders. But what if God’s good plan For You is a period of sustained uncertainty? What if God wants you to trust Him moment by moment and day by day instead of having certainty?

There is a saying that goes like this, “O that you would reveal your mystery.” This theme drips with a longing to know God’s mind. And uncertainty means that you have to trust in the unknown and most of us don’t like that. Human trust comes much more easily when we have certain knowledge. Wouldn’t you agree?

But there is an element of trust that is only learned in the midst of confusion and uncertainty. Following a vision requires trust in the form of courage. But remaining calm while facing the unknown requires trust in the form of quiet confidence. It requires faith and trust in God. What if God is leading you the uncertain way because He wants you to trust Him as He leads you?

I have felt the impatient pain of fear. I have felt the anxious pain of uncertainty. And I’ve experienced the terror of confusion, of questioning the possibility that what I once believed to be wrong may not be wrong after all. Constant uncertainty in your life is often invoked by God, because He wants your trust. Trusting in God is not easy when there is a lot of uncertainty. But uncertainty demands that we find ways to feel comfortable with the mystery even though we are uncertain!

When you continue on the uncertain path that God places before you it is acknowledgment that God knows more than you do and more than you are able to comprehend. It is also a strong sign of trust and faith in God. Our safety is not in knowing right and wrong. Our safety is in trusting the One who does.

I am not afraid of making a mistake. I am not so proud as to think that God’s redemptive plan and activity will be immobilized by my mess up.

God can direct error that is rooted in love for God and neighbor. I’ve learned that it is okay to be uncertain, and go for it anyway because God can convert our mistakes and wrong decisions into life-giving opportunities. But rejecting God’s possibilities is cemented in fear and limitations that offers few options other than destructive crumbling.

I want to help create an environment that gives the Spirit of God the most ease of movement. What about you? So where does this lead us?

I cannot imagine that which only God sees. But I can surrender to God’s vision. How about you? This Christmas are you willing to submit to God’s leading even in the midst of uncertainty?

If this Christmas finds you uncertain, confused, lonely, or depressed, turn to God. He will comfort you, guide you and lead you in the way that you should go today and always even if it is His path of uncertainty


Shared with you by Willard Metzger & “The WIN International Ministries Team”