Does this Good Friday find you still waiting on God?

There are times in life we all have to wait on God for something.  You may know the drill, you pray to God for solutions to problems that seem to remain unresolved and more than likely you may find out that God’s answers take time because after you pray you then have to wait. Sometimes you may have to wait, and wait and then wait some more. You may be sick in your body and have prayed for healing but if you are still not healed, that means you are waiting on God. You may have a lot of problems in your life and feel like a caged in bird and even though you’ve prayed,  your turnaround may not have manifest yet, that means you are still waiting on God.  You might be so broke you can’t pay attention, and even though you might have prayed, your finances may still be lacking, that means you are still waiting on God.

Other instances of long wait times include a  female that gets pregnant, ends up having to wait nine months before she has the baby. When you were younger, undoubtedly you entered elementary school only to find out that it would take 12 years of study before you could even get your high school diploma. Then if you decide to get an advanced degree beyond high school, it typically will take 2 more years to get your associates degree and 4 more years to get your bachelor’s degree! So the entire educational system that has been designed involves time, energy, effort and long wait times. But unfortunately, there is no fast-forwarding this. God’s grace and blessing do not even have a fast forwarding button. God has determined the wait times for each course of action that you decide to take and follow in your life and there are really no shortcuts. God’s wait times require that you have, faith in Him and you need perseverance to stay the course God sets before you to become eligible to receive God’s blessing and multiplied favor in your life.

Waiting is part of life whether you are a millionaire, a house wife, unemployed, a business owner, or a pastor. Wait times are especially hard when you are struggling to make both ends meet. But if you seek God and ask Him to help you wait on Him depending upon where you are in your walk with Him, then waiting on God for long periods of time will become much easier for you!

Paul talks of perseverance in Romans 8:38-39 and how nothing in the world can separate the faithful from God, if they are prepared to wait.  Jesus also expressly told us through the scriptures that waiting long periods of times have  been given to us on purpose. This is reflected in Paul’s words in Romans 5:4-5 in which he indicates that he perfectly understands the purpose of the troubles that we are made to go through. The patience that is required of us to overcome the troubles will grant us the experience through which will result in our hope strengthening. And, hope that is placed in God can never go astray. The Holy Spirit will see that our hope in God will be well rewarded. So don’t grow weary during your long wait times on God, simply have faith and believe that His promises for your life are true and that “He does have plans to prosper you and not to harm you and at the right time, His promises will come true in your life”!

-Happy Good Friday to you and yours and keep waiting on God, He won’t let you down, at the right time, He will answer your prayers!