You may just need to have More Faith To Produce Miracles!

If things are your life are not going the way that you would like them to and you are finding yourself in dire need of God’s help or you won’t make it, a miracle from God may be just what you need. If you walk with God long enough and talk with God long enough you will quickly find out that your life can oftentimes seem like a landing field for the devil, his tricks, his schemes and his gimmicks. You will also find that the closer you get to God, the more hell you seem to have to go through and when we say this, we do speak from personal experience. We’ve found that bad situations make you need God like never before, as a matter of fact, it can make you need more miracles from God than what is currently being delivered in your life, but not only are miracles from God possible, they are worth fighting for and fighting for.


We’ve also noticed when we press into God for miracles, it often seems like hell has been unleashed in all of our lives and we begin to wonder “Who let the dogs out” because of the amount of trouble and problems that seem to crop up. As a result of this we’ve identified some ways that you can plan to be victorious and overcome the trouble that may crop up in your life when you dare to seek miracles from God! There are 5 primary areas that you need to focus on. Each area can either slow down your miracle so that you quit trying or they will try to steal your miracle away from you entirely so you don’t get it. How you deal with each of these areas will either make or break your success in getting your miracle manifested from God when you need it.

Cultivate the Garden of Your Soul

1. Remove the pests from your past by abstaining from changing decisions. You cannot be double minded on the issue of your salvation when receiving a miracle from God. You either want it or you don’t. You either will go through with it until you receive your miracle or you won’t. There is no middle ground or compromise. The way you stay on track is to totally obey the Word of God. Do not go to the right or the left. Do not look back. Stay focused. Seek God, listen for and tune in to how He may choose to speak to you about the miracle that you are asking Him for. If you stumble and fall do not stay there. Pick yourself right back up and get back into the game as they say. If you sin then use 1 John 1:9 and confess your sins to God and ask him to forgive you. He will forgive you of those five sins you confessed and wash away those 5,000 sins that you forgot about. And he will do it because he loves you and he wants you to receive your miracle. On our own merit our works and offerings often are not  enough to receive a miracle from God. Jesus Christ paid the price for you to be free from sin and sickness and poverty. Seek Your miracle on the basis of Jesus Christ and always in His name! He is the one you need to give thanks to for you getting your miracle.

2. Reject confusing trials from circumstances which come from Satan’s deceptions. Jesus quoted scripture when he was confronted with temptation. You should too. He said that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God – Matthew 4:4. You need to stay focused on the Word of God. Keep visualizing yourself possessing your miracle. Keep confessing and giving thanks to God that you have received your miracle. And keep acting like you have received your miracle.

3. Remove the diseases of doubt by abstaining from harmful relationships. You need to listen to your inward witness, your “gut,” that inward feeling that tells you what is right for you. You need to refuse false solutions from people which can come in the form of Satan’s accusations. There are well meaning people in your life and then there are those who really don’t care about your life and then there are those that would rather see you destroyed. Sometimes you have to shut off the world. If people are not helping then consider that they could be hindering you from receiving your miracle. And beware of half nice things people say which are used for encouragement which are also combined with poisonous words. These words from “Well meaning people” can sink you before you know it. You have to be like Jesus and say, “Get behind me Satan: for it is written –  Matthew -4:10 , thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve – Luke 4:8.” Remember you either follow God or the world. If you follow the world you follow Satan. There is no “in between.”

4. Remove the weeds of wishful fantasies by abstaining from insatiable desires. You probably know what this means already. If you have caused this “thing” or “situation” to come upon you because of the lifestyle you lead or the behavioral activity that you do then you will need to cease and desist right now. You need to repent, get forgiven and do a 180 and head in the other direction towards Christ and stay there on that road which leads to salvation. You can do this by simply following and doing the works of Christ. Be like Jesus in your thoughts and your words and your actions. Just read the New Testament from the bible and do what it says to do within those pages. The New Testament was written for the church, particularly what is written between the gospels and the book of Revelation.

5. Return challenging temptations from things which are Satan’s seductions. Now what does that mean? We promise you that you will be tempted to quit or change your mind or do something else or go back to an old lifestyle or any number of “things.” And it never stops. It’s a never ending battle. That is why the bible says to fight the good fight of faith. You stay at it until you win. No compromise. That means never compromise. And again, you can say like Jesus, “It is said, thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.” The following is the most important part of all these lessons on working miracles by faith. Read it, know it, and do it.

When you ask God for a miracle ask for it in the name of Jesus Christ. When you give thanks to God and praise him for your miracle, do it in the name of Jesus Christ. When you take action and act on your faith, do it in the name of Jesus Christ. It is his name that will start the miracle process, make the miracle process happen, and manifest the miracle for you. The bottom line is that Jesus Christ paid the price for you to have your miracle. He has provided the goods to make your miracle and he is the one who makes your miracle happen. Your miracle starts and ends with Jesus Christ. He is the Alpha and Omega. If you think or say or do anything and leave him out of it, then you might as well kiss your miracle bye – bye.  Only Jesus Christ can save you from your dilemma. That is why the bible says that all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved – Romans 10:13.


-G. Whitaker & The WIN International Ministries ~Team