Tired and want to quit?Keep Praying!

Dear child of God, how’s your prayer life going? Is the busyness of life taking up all of your time and draining all of your energy so that you do not have time to pray? Praying very early in the morning is a routine that we would suggest you add to your day, daily if you have not already.

We’d like to recommend that each night before you go to sleep that you write down and have a plan for what you want to pray to God about the next morning. Then as you pray your prayers to God, keep a record in the online journal that we shared with you, https://penzu.com/ and record God’s responses. So that you begin to recognize God’s answers. We would suggest you pray daily about the same thing until you get God’s response to what you have prayed to Him about, no matter how long it takes God to respond. (Which could be a while)

Make sure that you go to bed early enough so that then you will feel like getting up the next morning to keep your morning appointment with God in prayer. If you sleep very late and you’re in a rush you’ll find that you may be in a hurry and you may not have time or you may not feel like meeting with God in prayer. Being rushed is not an ideal option to proceed with prayer if you are rushed. Targeting at least 15 minutes a day to pray is what we recommend. Record your prayers and then wait to see how God responds to what it is that you have prayed. If you fail to pray for 15 minutes daily, then start with 5 minutes and then work up to 15 minutes or more in prayer. You will see that you’ll be quite cheery at work. Stuff and things won’t bother you as much. This is truly 1 of the benefits of meeting with God in the morning to pray.

One other benefit in regards to early morning prayer is that you are demonstrably not drained as much doing the day. Should you try to pray extremely late at night then your brain will be urging you to go to sleep. It’s better to pray in the morning, because each morning you should be rested and ready for each day. Your mind is prepared for work and you could quietly pray at a spot. There’s a calming peaceful atmosphere in the morning hours that you simply cannot come across in any other part of the day. If you wait to pray at night, after you’ve worked or been busy all day you may drop to the ground as a result of tiredness.

There may be times when you may need to pray throughout the day or night. In cases where somebody is actually driving you up the wall such as at work or if your tasks are getting intolerable then take time to sit it out, get alone and pray. Meditate and find out whether you are able to save the work once more. Rather than screaming at your employer with annoyance, get right down to meditating in prayer. It may well save your valuable work in the end and your job. It will most certainly save your sanity. It is advisable to take time to pray and think things fully through before getting distressed and losing your cool.  SO if you are tired and want to quit, make the time to pray first, but be aware that prayer doesn’t always change circumstances, sometimes prayer changes you for circumstances!