Need help choosing the right Scripture Version?

Choose The Scripture Version That Best Suits You

If you think you have it tough choosing a Scripture version, then you are not alone. Fact is there are many different translations and hundreds of Scripture study books available for you to choose from. So how do you choose which one to pick if you want to study the Bible verses?


One upon a time we knew someone who had 12 different Scripture study books for his private reading. But we’re pretty sure not everybody has the budget or time for such a huge collection. Instead here are some simple techniques on how to choose the best Scriptures for you:


1. You should do some research before purchasing

Perhaps one of the most crucial things you can do before buying a copy of the Scriptures is to do research on which Scripture version is right for you.


Why not talk to some of your Christian friends about their copy of the Scriptures? Ask them why they chose that Scripture translation or version and what it is about the text they like about it.  Make a short list and compare it to what is significant for you as a Scripture reader.


You should also consider some other things like the price of the Scripture itself, text sizes, and other various cover materials. Genuine leather is, of course, the most expensive kind, seconded by bonded leather, and then hardback. Paperback edition is the least expensive.


2. Try to compare different translations

As a Christian, you attend Church regularly, right? In this case it is best to possess at least one copy of the same version or translation the minister uses at the local church to preach Bible quotes and verses during mass.

This makes it so much more easier to follow the sermon as your minister preaches.


On the other hand, you should also have your own personal version for your own reading, the version that is easier to comprehend for you. All in all, you have to have at least two different versions of the Scriptures.


3. Also be sure your pick fits your budget

If you’re looking to save up different versions of the Scriptures over the years, then it is best to begin considering how much you are willing to spend on it. Do not cash out too much on a single translation if you think the whole collection will not be friendly on your budget. Stick to paperback or hardcover, they can be easier on your wallet in the long run.



Hopefully these tips can help you decide on the Scriptures that is right for you so that you can begin to write the scriptures and experience the transformation in your life that God wants you to have!