God Does answer Prayer, but you may have to wait!

In case you haven’t noticed as you get older, life gets rougher and tougher. Problems tend to crop up from out of no where and they often become way too much too fast. The devil seems to get smarter with his tricks, his schemes and his gimmicks. So developing a strong and fervent prayer life daily is essential if you want to experience God’s highest and best for your life as well as obtain God’s daily guidance. We live in an unfair world that does not play by God’s 10 commandments and because of this, undoubtedly you will find yourself at some point and time the victim of the unfairness and pain that life often forces upon you without your permission. So to counteract the side effects that are the results of the unfairness and pain that life forces upon you, seeking God daily in prayer is a wise move on your part.


When you pray daily you invite God into your circumstances, you invite God to work things out His way and not your way. We’ve found that our way seldom works to fix things that are extremely awful, and if you’re like us when you find yourself in really bad situations, turning to God’s higher power is vitally necessary to regain peace, harmony and resolutions to problems that defy Human intervention. God longs to come into your circumstances to help you but He waits for you to invite Him.  You can invite God into your circumstances when you pray. You don’t have to settle for the unfairness of life and for things constantly not working, you can pray and ask God to help you. When you ask God to help you, He can come into your situations and begin to work things out for your good and His Glory. If the problems of life are just way too much for you, God wants to help you. Do you want or need God’s help? While you’re thinking about it, why not pray right now and invite God into your circumstances to help you so you so God can help turn things around for your good and His Glory?


Say this Prayer right now, while you are thinking about it;

Father God, I long to experience your power, your presence and your solutions to the problems that I am currently experiencing in my life right now. I invite you to come in my life and my circumstances and help me Father. I do accept Jesus Christ your one and only Son as my personal Lord and Savior and ask that you take control of my circumstances and troubles to bring about solutions that only you can give me! Please turn things around for my good and for your Glory I ask in Jesus’ name I ask and pray – Amen

God understands that there may be days when you wake up late, there may be days when you don’t feel like praying or there may be days when you miss your regular devotional prayer time with Him. But make that prayer time up, pray to God when you are washing your face, taking a shower or before eating your meals, in other words find a way to make the time to pray, you’ll be so glad you did! Your prayers matter to God and your prayer times don’t have to be formal, you can pray when ever you are and whenever you have quiet moments available to you like right now. Once you have it going keep exercising your prayer muscle.WORRIED-COMPUTER_2696497b

The more you pray, the more you will see God work in and through your circumstances to bring about solutions to the problems or troubles that haunt you. Another point to mention in developing a prayer life is learning to be lead by the Holy Spirit when you pray. As you pray daily, become alert and stay watchful because God will continue to work in your circumstances and He will begin to lead you in the way He wants you to go. Give God time to work your problems out, He won’t let you down. Your set time to have your prayers answered is coming, you will have to stay in faith, keep trusting in God and expect Him to do the impossible as only He can!