Still Need Help?God is waiting For You to Seek Him!

We all live through fears at one time or another in our life and turning to God as our main foundation in life is one way to obtain His help to defeat fears and problems in our lives. Talking to God on a regular basis gives you an opportunity to share your problems with Him and surrender it all in his hands, affirming He is in charge whenever you are tempted to think about it again.

There is nothing more wonderful than knowing that you can now hand over all your problems to God and allow Him to help you solve them. Also remember  you can hand your yokes (your worries) over to Jesus to carry as well,as He too will help you with your fears and problems.  When you hand your problems and fears to God and Jesus it will provide you with an instant sense of relief which then makes it easier for the problems to be solved.  Because when you hand your fears and problems to God and to Jesus, you are no longer worrying about how, when or if solutions will present themselves  to you. When you are not so worried and fearful you will then  find that what was once a worry is now resolved, when this happens you will begin to rely on God  and Jesus on a more regular basis.


That does not mean that God needs your help in sorting  out your problems or your fears and you must be careful not to hand your problems and your fears to God or Jesus and then begin to work towards fixing them yourself as if somehow you have to help God solve this for you. God, nor Jesus needs your assistance, but they both want your faith.

If you really feel you need to do something, it is suggested that you attend church ask people to pray for you.  You can also speak to your Pastor along with people close to you who you trust, doing this will help to keep you feeling at peace.  When speaking to friends and family let them know you do not need advice or you do not need to do anything because God is working on fixing this problem for you.

Always remember to give God thanks once your fears or problems no longer exists. It is important that you always give God the Glory for helping you in your life because we all loved to be thanked and Our Father – God is no different.

Whenever you can, spend time thanking and giving praise to God just for being in your life rather than always waiting until something is wrong, because it is great to remember Him during the good times too. Get in the habit of including God in your life. As you do these things, it will be easier to trust in Him with your problems and fears.

The most important thing is to continually pray and talk to God and Jesus as Your trusted advisors, for they know you like no one else does and they know what is best for you. Remember that  you are talking to a someone who loves you and will not  judge you.  Be persistent and be open in the avenues that God and Jesus may provide to you in solving your problems because the solutions may not always make sense to you! Give up thinking that you know the best way for God to answer your worries and allow Him to answer you and help you in the way that He feels is best.

Want God and Jesus to help you with your problems and fears? If so, join us in this simple prayer;

Dear God,
Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for being willing to help me with my problems and fears that I have, I invite you and Jesus to come into my life and my circumstances to help me solve the problems and fears that I am facing. I invite you to transform my fears into faith, my mourning into joy, and to turn around each and every thing that has ever happened to me that was bad for my good and your glory – Amen!