Ever wonder why You Should Read Scriptures?

The teachings of the Scriptures are very significant in the life of a true follower of Jesus Christ. Mostly all of us are more or less familiar with the story in which the Father sent his only Son down to Earth to promulgate His teachings as well as spread the good word. Yet some people did not exactly take this all in that easy. They saw Jesus Christ as a threat, so They ordered to have him crucified on the cross.


But when God has a plan, even death can’t stop God’s Plan, so following Jesus Christ’s ressurection from the dead and ascenion into Heaven, God sent the Holy Spirit to further His plan along. The Holy Spirit began where Jesus left off and He “touched” Jesus’s remaining disciples, and soon Jesus’s teachings began to spread across the borders of the lands. Some repented of their sins. Some began speaking in tongues. Some were healed. The deaf begin to hear, the lame began to walk and the blind began to see. “These disciples devoted themselves to Jesus’ teaching and to fellowship and to the breaking of bread and to prayer” so that they could be filled with what God wanted them to be full of (Acts 2:42). In doing so, They believed.


If you’re wondering why you should even bother to time travel with God and read the Scriptures, we’ll tell you that reading and becoming familiar with God and the birth of Jesus will help shape you, your world view and your life’s experiences as well as lead you to solutions to your problems. The messages contained in the birth of Jesus Bible verses tell the humble story of the universe, how it was formed, the problems that were faced and how those problems were overcome with God’s help. When you take the time to read the scriptures and seek God for insight, enlightment and wisdom about those scriptures, He will begin to speak to you and guide you in clearer ways that you will begin to recognize. The Scriptures also narrate the story of Adam and Eve, and the fall of Man and how their fall affects us all during this day and time. The Scripture verses contain some of the most touching stories ever written and hold some of the answers to the problems that you are currently facing.


Reading the Scripture verses still holds as much significance as if you were reading them way back several hundreds of years ago. When you really soak in the reading of the scriptures, it can make you feel like you have stepped into a time machine, and you have left where you were and arrived back in time where the scriptures were actually written! It’s an amazing experiences, you should Try it sometimes! Pick a quiet place, and begin to use your imagination to envision the time period that you are reading about in the scriptures. Really hear what the scriptures are saying, really feel the meaning of the text. Let the Scriptures grab you into that time frame and deposit the hidden meaning of the words that were God inspired as they were written many years ago. Walk away from reading the Scriptures, knowing that God met you  there while you read the Scriptures, and deposited in you what He wanted you to know and what He wanted you to take away from the experience! It will change your life!  It will have a huge effect on your life and make huge differences in you, your lifestyle and your mind. It will change the way you perceive life, see the things around you and make tough decisions. The Scripture verses have this mysterious power to change lives permanently. Simply put, a simple reading of Scriptures verses can do wonders for your spiritual perception and health, especially these days when there are problems at every corner.

One of the things brought on by the Scripture verses on from online is how easy it is to search for Scripture verses depending on certain issues. For example, you don’t have to read through the Scriptures any longer to search for holy verses about addiction, love, salvation, marriage, forgiveness, etc. Simply type the keywords into the Search Engines such as: “Bible verses about addiction”, “Bible verses about marriage”, “Bible verses about love”, and so on and so forth.

Take your time reading the Scripture verses online or take your time reading whatever Version of the scriptures that God leads you to so that it will familiarize you with God’s Holy Word. If you do this often enough you will find that the time you spent “Time Traveling” with God reading the Scripture will pay huge dividends! Your dividend payments will manifest as better health, better thought processes, less problems, clearer guidance from God, more right things happening and less wrong things happening! With so many dividends waiting for you to cash in on them, what are you waiting for?  Time travel with God and Read The Scriptures, You Will Be so Glad You Did!

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