Maybe You have less because God gets more Glory!

Whenever I’m despondent about not getting the recognition I feel I deserve in life I like to be reminded that less is actually more with God. Think about it. Most of our lives we’re thinking of success in the wrong terms i.e. popularity in numbers, for instance.

It’s like the pastor who occasionally gets down about the never-increasing size of his or her congregation–they are perhaps inclined to forget (like we all are) that they’ve been placed there deliberately for this flock of church attenders, to actively assist in the growth of their lives, very personally at times–what an utter privilege!

We must somehow forget the Mega-church model of success. It isn’t real, or if it is it’s only real for very few people. Are the Rob Bell’s’ of this world really any more special or blessed than the pastor of a 50-attender church, or do they simply just have a different call?

Or what about the manager who works hard to become the general manager. Odds are they’ll be disappointed, simply because they have so much competition for a job like that and there are so few of those positions in any event. Surely only those truly destined for that sort of position will get it.

With God less is more. The less we’re recognized the more glory to him. The more we’re found blissfully unaware of the worldly measures of success, the more glory goes to the Lord, and the more peace we experience.

This is a step change in our default thinking. None of us naturally equates success with ‘less.’ Our fleshy desires turn everything good, tainting it to conform to our ‘abundant’ desires.

But, kingdom values turn the tables on the world’s perception of success, and in so many different ways we’re to think oppositely. We’re to transform our thinking, renewing our minds (Romans 12:2) such that our thinking reflects God’s thinking… less, not more.

Are you ready to achieve more for God by getting less recognition? Are we all collectively ready to soar to a level of life well beyond the world and allow God to get the Glory even if it means we have less?

-S. Wickham