Your Frustration is trying to tell you something!

Frustration is something that we all have experienced at one time or another. Usually, the normal reaction for frustration may involve anxiety, anger, depression or even hopelessness if we believe a situation cannot change.

We believe that the frustration comes when we feel “stuck” or when we feel that we have a  lack of power in a circumstance.  This frustration can build up in us and even begin to affect our health. When problems become the focal point of our lives, studies have shown that there is a direct link between how you feel within your heart and body. In many cases, frustration or beliefs that feed the frustration that we experience were established during childhood. So how do we learn to cope with this?

For starters, we can change our point of view. Recently, One of our coaching students was discussing with a friend a situation that has frustrated them for years. This person said they didn’t focus on the frustration continuously, but said that the frustration that did surface on occasion left  them with a loss of energy or depression.  We’ve learned that when the same things that cause frustration happen again and again, it can be an indicator of needed change.  We explained that when frustration keeps cropping up again and again, it could be God’s way of using frustration as a catalyst to move anyone that is frustrated into their next stage of life. When frustration is viewed from a positive perspective with God as the engineer behind it, it can then be clearly seen as a “catalyst for change”; so frustration then begins to lose its negative power.

If frustration has reared it’s ugly head in your life or anyone’s life that you know and If this article resonates with you in anyway and you feel like you are in a situation that frustrates you like one of our coaching students was, we would like to encourage you to begin to take notes of the thoughts that  go through your mind that give your frustration energy, next time you are frustrated.  Pray and ask God to show you what the frustration is there to teach you. Connect with God in prayer, be honest with Him about any feelings of frustration you have, and allow God to begin to help you understand the truth behind what frustration is trying to tell you. No situation is hopeless when you take it to God in prayer. No problem is too big that you and God together can’t solve it.  Hope is available to you even in  your darkest pits of despair, you need only call upon God repeatedly in prayer and ask Him to shine forth His light for you to help you deal with and conquer any frustration that may exist in your life.  Allow God time to  shift your point of view and let Him show you how to look at your situation from all angles.  When He does this, you will then be able to escape frustration’s grip and go forward with God and make whatever changes He leads you to make so that you can become closer to fulfilling the God given dreams that God has birthed in you!  While it is true, frustration can be very scary,  it can also be an exciting time for you too, because you get to see what God will help you do to conquer and defeat frustration’s grip in your life!  God will show you the right path to take next, just lay your frustration down before Him in prayer and then wait.  The frustration is actually a gift from God to you to help make you realize that change is needed.  Your frustration is trying to speak to you through your circumstances, are you listening?

C. Anderson & “The WIN International Ministries Team”