If you stick with God, Blessings are Hidden for you at Your Crossroads!

Are you finding it difficult to get through life? Is absolutely nothing working for you? It could be that God is leading you through closed doors. Although no one likes closed doors, closed doors play a very important part of the story that God is helping you create with your life. Closed doors manifest as no answers when you apply for a job. People who don’t like you, care for you or who won’t help you. Closed doors manifest as Opportunities or business ventures that don’t work no matter what you do or say, and sickness and disease that does not heal or does not respond to medicine or therapy no matter what.  When things such as these happen, you can be sure God is leading you through closed doors. We’ve experienced and been the victim of many closed doors in our lives, and we’ve learned that no matter what you do and no matter how long you knock, closed doors do not open. Closed doors usually don’t open because God has a plan for your life.


As the victim of closed doors, we’ve also learned that Closed doors are terrible, they cost a lot and take up a whole lot of time.  If closed doors have ever happened to you or if this is happening to you now, then you know how it feels to be standing looking at closed doors. When you are faced with so many closed doors, you’ll soon begin to realize that with so many doors being closed and so much not working, God has a plan for you that does not include those doors being open and He’s leading and guiding you through closed doors. Closed doors disappoint you, they give lots of false hope and false promises, they string you along, and they can often make you feel like you are on the brink of insanity. When you are the victim of closed doors, you usually have no clue what is going on and why.  But closed doors have a purpose, they bring you to God’s crossroads.

It is at the crossroads that you not only need God, but you have to seek Him fervently. It is at the crossroads that you might even cry out to God by saying, “My God, My God, why have thy forsaken me”? “Why did you allow this to happen”? “Where are you”? It is at the crossroads that you begin to rethink your life and the purpose of it. But it at these very moments you will find that if your crying out to God brings you to the pit of despair that only God Himself can bring you out of, then God can then begin to  do a work in and through you that He may not have otherwise been able to do, lest your hopes and plans had not been ruined or dashed. If you seek God correctly when you are standing at the crossroads of your life, you will find and gain His help in uncovering exactly where you are really supposed to be and exactly where God is leading you to. It is at the crossroads that God can lead you to the discernment of your life’s purposes and what He wants you to do with the life that He’s given you.


When you are at the crossroads in your life, God wants to dispatch Divine Guides in your life that will help you sort through life’s mazes and help you find the Lord’s messages to you that will help you find Your true paths. Sometimes closed doors can make you very angry, they can make you think “Why pray if God has a plan”?

The fact that God allows these closed doors or other’s wrong actions to occur does not mean that He condones them, it just means that He allows them and they are in no way the true paths that He has for you.  God can and will guide you to your true paths and your true life’s purposes eventually, however it may be cloaked in disguise as hardships, lack, disappointments, low places, barren places and closed doors. Wrong choices and wrong options are everywhere, so God wants you to be careful. Everyone that is sent into your life, is not always “Really of God and from God”. Listen for God’s voice in your life.  Listen and watch for God’s Divine and chosen messengers, they will show you the way! They will lead you to God’s open doors for your life that are filled with abundance, refreshment and delights. God has a plan for everyone, and you won’t get His plan unless you continually seek Him. Don’t let life’s sour detours which manifest as closed doors, barren, tight and low places  dry up your praise, trust or love for God, feel the hurt, the pain, or the disappointment anyway and go on with God anyway. Eventually, you’ll see that it will all be worth it!

If you keep praying, trust God and stay the course with God, you’ll find what God has hidden for you at your crossroads!