Is UnForgiveness Blocking Your God-Given Blessings?

The powers of prayer of forgiveness, and of positive thinking are all very powerful indeed. They are also closely connected to each other. Everything from our health to our finances to our relationships with others are affected by the negativity we hold on to every day.

Are your relationships not as healthy as you would like them to be? Do you have a hard time getting close to people? This may be because you are holding on to the hurts and wrongs committed by someone in your past and not allowing others the chance to get to know you because of what happened to you in your past. Many people go through relationship after relationship finding only disappointment and hurt at the end of each, never realizing that people are imperfect and will often cause disappointments. Think back to your first relationship. Did it end badly? Were you treated badly? Did that person do something to you that you have not yet forgiven them for? Did you say or think “From now on, I will never let that happen to me again”.  Maybe you were the offender and you are angry at yourself for wronging someone you cared about and losing them.

Once you think about it and find the original hurt, make the decision to forgive that person or yourself and move on. It’s not always easy but, once you have decided that you are going to forgive that person, you will find the power to do so by saying a prayer of forgiveness. Whether it’s another person, God, or yourself, praying about it will help you to forgive more easily, allowing you to move on with your life. You will then allow yourself to get closer to people, trust more, and make the most of every relationship whether it is perfect or not.

Maybe you are suffering from chronic illness or just a general feeling of illness that you can’t find a cause for. Many times, we get so angry at people that we actually cause physical illness simply by our anger and thoughts. Look at your relationships with people around you. Don’t forget to include yourself in your evaluation. Is there something that is nagging at you keeping you angry? Could that be what is making you physically ill or sick?

Most times, anger at ourselves or others is what causes us to make ourselves sick. Maybe you’re angry at yourself for some bad decisions? Maybe you are angry because someone you know or trusted made some bad decisions,  Maybe you’ve become so angry at yourself that you feel you are not worthy of health and life. This is often very difficult to overcome in your own strength, but if you pray and ask God to help you forgive, He will help you. Say a prayer of forgiveness for yourself and for those who made you angry or those who disappointed you, keep praying until you feel peace and forgiveness. Letting go of the anger will allow you to focus on healing yourself and getting better. Forgiveness does not agree with or condone the behavior of what happened to you or excuse the behavior, or the disappointment, but forgiveness frees you when you invite God into the situation, so that His healing Salve can be poured on the infectious wound of Unforgiveness!

Are you having financial troubles that don’t seem to get better no matter what you do? Think back. What is the source of your financial unhappiness?  Were you passed over for a promotion or a raise? Did you not get the bonus you feel you deserved? Have you traditionally made poor financial decisions? Your continued financial troubles could be a result of the anger you feel about any of these things. Figure out who it is that you’re mad at and say a prayer of forgiveness towards them. Once you forgive past financial problems, hurts or disappointments, you will find that you have feelings that are more positive toward your future situations and things will begin to happen for you more easily.

Virtually any situation in our lives can be improved or changed with forgiveness. It’s not always easy but once you’ve decided to forgive, saying a prayer of forgiveness will allow you to move on with your life in a more positive frame of mind, making things come more easily to you and helping you to deal better with future situations. Do you Want to choke the life out of any unforgiveness that may be lurking around in your life and allow God to loose you from the shackles and clutches of unforgiveness’s grip? If so, join us in this simple prayer;


Dear God,
Thank you for speaking to me about the poisionus effects and consequences of harboring unforgiveness in my life. Although Unforgivenss is not a cure for all of my problems or situations, I would like to ask you to forgive me for harboring unforgiveness in my life, please release me from the shackles and clutches of Unforgiveness and help me release any anger, hatred, malice, disappointment, blaming or fits that I’ve thrown or experienced as a result of being tortured by life’s ever changing circumstances. I now willing surrender and release into your Hands Almighty God all of the people, situations, circumstances, and disappointments that have caused me to harbor unforgiveness and anger. I humbly pray that you will release your healing salve in my direction to cleanse and wipe clean the slate of the infections that unforgiveness has caused in my life so that I can go forward to experience your place called there for me which is “Greater” than anything that I have ever seen or experienced in Jesus’s Mighty Name, I ask and pray – Amen!

A. Pefoura & “The WIN International Ministries Team”


`For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, God will also forgive you-Matthew 6:14