The Leadership Style Of Jesus Christ

The Leadership Style Of Jesus Christ

Is it not strange that the leadership style of the most important person to ever walk this earth was never properly researched and developed?

Think about it. Scientists were able to identify Hitler’s corpse by his teeth. [And this is not unusual anymore by today’s standards.] Today, a person’s DNA can be detected from one strand of hair. Science [in all its diversities] has grown tremendously, and it is God that gave mankind this type of intelligence. God gave us intelligence, He gave us the ability to research, discriminate, chose, and determine. God [thus declares the Bible in Genesis 1:27], made mankind according to His image. Our intelligence, abilities and potential is far above that of animals and plants. [Irrespective of what some schools of thought concoct.]

With this intellect mankind has researched and developed almost every conceivable subject. They can tell you the finest details of the smallest particle in outer space.

But, can they tell you the leadership style of Jesus Christ? No!

There are many writings about Jesus, including some about His leadership style. But have they thoroughly researched it? No. They make many assumptions, but apparently did very little research. Have you read the part where Jesus said: “I am the good servant”? Neither have I. What I DID read, was the part where He said “I am the Good Shepherd”. [This was not stated out of sarcasm or ill will.] I simply want to demonstrate that we have gone off the track when discussing the leadership style of Jesus Christ.

On the issue of Christian Leadership more is written about King David than of Jesus.

Similarly I have read much about King David setting the example as shepherd. [And a fine Shepherd He was.] I think it is good to accentuate King David’s leadership style as King David was God-chosen, and it was no coincidence that he was destined to write the 23rd Psalm. Yet, when we remain focused on King David’s shepherd leadership are we not forgetting something? Is there not someone greater who had more impact on the flock than King David?

All of the Old Testament serves as an indicator towards Jesus Christ.

– A. Wang