If You’re Overworked,God wants to help you!

Work brings about so much stress. After a long work day, the day closes, and if you are being overworked you will know it because you will feel drained physically, mentally, and emotionally. When you are overworked you feel totally drained out and you feel like you have nothing left, especially if you are the one managing a business.  If you are the person in charge, your whole body is working. Your mind is constantly needing to oversee things; you go through things over and over again, you check and re-check, you see to it that things are done well and you rectify every single mistake. 21d4d455702140122ba676b4_640_exhaustedEven if you are not the one managing a business, when you are overworked, Your body is overworked, performing tasks yourself, showing people how it should be done and helping out in areas that need your assistance. Your emotional and social skills are also being utilized, a practice that can be quite draining, while you are trying to deal with customers, partners and employees.

If you feel overworked, Your typical workday is usually more than that of a regular worker’s because while they have definite hours, you do not. As the person in charge, or as the overworked person you are expected to be in control of everything, and you are expected to work no matter what and sometimes your work does not end when the sun sets. It is, therefore, important for you to find a way to separate away from work, even for a little while, to get rid of the stress and allow God to refresh, revive and renew you.

Stress can easily affect the way you perform. It can make you work slower and less efficiently. It is very important, therefore, to find effective ways to relieve yourself of stress and regain your energy and zest for work. You don’t have to continue to be overworked, stressed out and tired to the point of exhaustion, God is willing to help you find ways to rest and become refreshed, if you  will ask Him to help you. If you are tired of being overworked and want to change, Decide now that you want to regain balance, energy and refreshment for your life. When you pray to God, He will begin to show you ways to relax, unwind, and enjoy the refreshment that He can give you in your life. Below are some ways to escape being overworked;

Indulge and Pamper Yourself

A good stress reliever is to rest and relax so take some time out of your busy and stressful schedule to unwind and forget. Treat yourself to a day to the spa; get a massage, and be pampered. Go to the salon and have the works. Go to your favorite restaurant and eat. Dine like you have never dined before. Go on a vacation, however simple and short; just as long as you take some time away from work for awhile, you can replenish your lost energy and get yourself ready to go back to it after. You need to realize one thing: your work is not going away. You have been working so hard, you deserve to treat yourself too. Go out and forget abour work, even just for a while.

Laugh and Have a Good TimeHappywithGod

A great way to forget problems and relieve yourself of stress is to laugh and have a good time. Go to the movies, watch your favorite TV shows and laugh as hard and long as you want. You deserve to laugh some of the problems off, so do it. Call your friends and family, go to a party, go out to dinner, spend time with your loved ones and enjoy life. There is no point in working too hard when you do not make time to enjoy. What good is work when you are a slave to it? Do not be a slave of work. Give yourself some time to breathe and laugh. Laugh out loud and share those moments with your loved ones.

Keep Yourself at Optimum Health

Keeping yourself in the pink of health ensures you to be fit to face day to day challenges at work with much power and vigor. Like a car, you need gasoline and tune up to run properly; otherwise, you will fail on the way to your destination. Exercise and keep your body fit. Go to the gym or engage in sports, so that you can keep your body healthy and ward yourself of any disease. Eat healthy. Enjoy food, yet dine properly, making sure that your body receives the right amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Remember that you are not a machine. You cannot go on and on. You will break down and there are no easy spare parts that can be bought to repair you. Therefore, keep yourself healthy and treat yourself right. Do not overwork yourself to the point of endangering yourself and your body.

Tired of being overworked and stressed out? Do You want God to Refresh, Revive, and help you balance Your Work Load? If so, Join us in this simple prayer;Whitefamilypraying

Dear God,
Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth of my overworked condition. Please forgive me for overworking my body and doing much more that I am capable of doing. Please help me balance my workload and send me extra help where it is needed to help lighten my heavy loads. Work in and through my situation Father, I ask and Pray to bring refreshment, restoration, and renewal to my body, mind, Spirit and finances. Bless me and WIN International Ministries, I ask and pray as we seek to follow You as you lead us to health, restoration and renewal for our lives, in Jesus’s Name I ask and Pray! – Amen!