Help me God!


“Help me God” only these words are not sufficient if you are suffering from poverty, disease, depression. I know that God is everywhere to help you but he has also planned to succeed your requirements and to give you relief from pain. If you want relief from pain then you should understand the God’s plan. You need to believe  God’s prophet that He has sent into your life and you should always seek prayer. Prophetic prayer is  the highest in definition of prayer because it is done by a prophet on your behalf and the  prophet is the person who is very near to God and one of them who can find answers to your prayer.

They are able to do this because they can see and hear in spirit that’s why they can make a powerful prophetic intercession. If you don’t have anyone to pray for you, ask God to send you prayer intercessors to pray for your  intentions. By adding your name to prophetic prayer lists you will able to feel God’s hand upon you. In this whole process you need to do is to believe this thought “Whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them.” And you should ask for forgiveness by confessing all sins to God. ”Faith is the first step in prayer” so always pray with faith. Prayer is the only way to ask something from God that’s the way of prayer is also very important.  Prophetic Prayer is having more potential than individual prayer because a prophet is chosen for this work by God. God is always ready to give you gifts that he has planned for you so please understand the plan of God before praying because many people pray for the thing which is not made for them.

The powerful strength behind a prayer can make it more successive.  Life is a beautiful design by God and he is the only one who has the right to change it. If you are suffering from problems such as stress and depression then God is the only one who can free you from this. You need to ask God to please forgive you for your sins. By asking for forgiveness  you will able to get forgiveness from God for all your sins.  There is a big difference between normal and prophetic prayers because prophets are selected by God for performing prayers on behalf of others. So  prophetic prayers are submitted to God by a strong belief that it will be fulfilled.   Prophets are doing the prayer on behalf of others because they know the way to connect and talk with God and only prophets are allowed for this. God has created a cycle of interaction from you to him which starts from you to prophet then prophet to God and in return God to prophet then prophet to you. God is ready to forgive  you when you ask for forgiveness with pure motives, clean hands and a pure heart, so won’t you ask Him to forgive you so that He can cleanse you from all sin and help you?