God Loves Wealth – 5 Reasons Why God Wants You to have enough!

 The number one obstacle people have standing between them and the wealth they truly want is feeling as though it is simply “wrong” for them to have a lot of money. For many, it’s a tie to “God”, in whatever form we believe in God, and a faulty belief that poverty is somehow serving God.

As you begin to break free of the limiting thoughts you have about money- which almost always results in an immediate influx of it- you start to experience an excitement and positive forward drive that no one could mistake as being “wrong” or “evil.” Here is why that happens, and why God, the universe, or whatever else you answer to at the end of the day, all want you to be rich.

1. To live the fullest life possible, you have to have money.

We all know of wonderful people who have led lives to be proud of without much money.But think what good those people could have done if they had had the means to do more with their lives. I didn’t say “a good life;” I said “the fullest life possible.” If you aren’t a believer in God, you should agree with this even more. If you believe this is your one spin through this place, isn’t it your birthright to get and use as much money as you can? You’ve got talents, desires, and drives which can only be developed by having more money.

2. It is a normal, natural, and God-given desire to want money.

God does not think you’re “greedy” for wanting money. Greed is brought on by personality traits, not by the desire for money. If greed is your driving force, you will definitely stay poor until you reassess your priorities. When the desire for money is oriented properly, it stems from wanting a richer, fuller, and more abundant life for yourself and those around you.

God wants that for you.

3. God wants you to be a good parent, spouse, etc., and to achieve this to the fullest, you need money.

I know. You were raised by a single mom that worked seven jobs so that she could put you through school and how can I insult your momma like that. Of course you can be a good parent, child, or spouse without having a lot of money. However, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it would have been wonderful for your momma if she didn’t have to work seven jobs. Having money will free you to become a better person: a more available parent, a less burdensome child, a happier, less stressed-out spouse. God wants that!

4. Being rich frees you to be more closely in alignment with God.

When you are at peace, in a state of love, joy, excitement, and fulfillment, you are in a God-like state of mind. Isn’t this the true goal of religions- to be in this state, all the time? If you’re not a believer in God, then your main goals in life are most likely being comfortable, peaceful, and happy- perhaps even to leave the world a better place than you found it. Being in a “God-like” state of mind is probably even MORE important for you.

5. Regardless of what you’ve done in your past, God thinks you deserve to be rich and happy.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. God forgives you. If you don’t believe in God, you better start to forgive yourself, right now. Life is a series of jumps in levels of consciousness. When you did things in the past you aren’t proud of, you were operating from a different consciousness level that could never truly make you wealthy. So let it go. You’re working your guilt backwards. Prospering would allow you to make amends and correct wrongs from your past, but because you feel so undeserving and guilty thinking about prospering, you stay stuck where you are, unable to move to a place where you can actually do those things. This is faulty human wiring. The only way to deal with it is to correct the emotion when it comes up, until it becomes habit.

To move forward, you’ve got to completely remove the idea from your mind that God wants you to be poor. There’s nothing noble about not being able to pay for adequate health care for your family, and watching them suffer because of it. There’s nothing glamorous about an overworked dad coming home and taking out his frustrations on his kids. There’s nothing divine about two people who love each other watching their relationship erode because of constant stress about money. That’s not godly. That’s hell.

-O. Kennedy