Words of Power

Words of Power

The interplay of words and the power of sentences are most intriguing – people are influenced by their perception and understanding of the way a concept is presented, and how ideas is communicated, and then are subsequently fascinated by the variety, flow, rhythm and cadence of language.

Words have emotional, physical and spiritual impact. Spoken words can lift up or send into a downward spiral. They can cause physical changes in the material body and change the spiritual being. Words can wound or heal, discourage or encourage, tear one down or build him up. Used positively the right words can impact, encourage, uplift, even inspire and create endless joy and love in our lives, as well as in the lives of people whose lives we may touch.. Through commanding and masterly use of language, ideas can be spread and bring about positive changes in others, even in whole countries.

Words are powerful enough to build bridges between people, because they have the capacity to close the gap in between. Yet they can also demolish these bridges and make it impossible to heal rifts. They bring life or destruction to our existence, relationships, or futures. They can make us happy or sad, elated or aggravated. We should therefore endeavor to always speak with integrity and say only what we truthfully mean from our hearts. With dialogue comes understanding: – bridging differences between different points of view. When these “divergent” perspectives are effectively communicated, people are then far better able to engage with one another across cultural and national boundaries.

How one interprets the meaning of words is based on one’s own opinions, which in effect is one’s prejudiced view of the world.

This veil hangs between each and everyone. Every word, sound, smell, sight and interaction that reaches the mind and intellect, passes through this subjective interpretation.

We humans are the only beings on earth, amongst the other wondrous creatures living in it, that can consciously control breath to make sounds vibrate, which we then use to form words that enable us to communicate with one another and convey ideas.


More importantly, these words have the power to communicate with and connect to the “unseen world”. Every word is a prayer manifested into reality, brought into life by our faith, and given to our responsibility.

We are now, in these present times, experiencing a powerful transformation of our planet. Change is happening exponentially faster and time is compressing. Information and knowledge are becoming more available to a global community, inspiring ideas that continually evolve our technology systems. We appear to be living fast and furious.

We humans have been given many powerful gifts, but the most sacred may be our power of speech.

From the Holy Book we have these admonitions:

“Words satisfy the soul as food satisfies the stomach. The right words on a person’s lips bring satisfaction. A gentle response defuses anger, but a sharp tongue kindles a temper fire. Destruction and Life are in the power of the tongue”.

Therefore, take time to think before you speak!