Need God’s help?Try This!

Do you need help but don’t know what to do? Are you unable to feel God’s love or sense His direction for your life when you meditate or pray? Sometimes when you are faced with challenges that feel overwhelming, it is not always possible to perceive or feel the light of God holding you and it is not always possible to sense or feel the direction that God may want you to go in. That is why sometimes your willingness to ask for help from others is so vitally important. Sometimes God can send  love, light and support to you through the healing presence of those in your life who make themselves available to love and support you. Sometimes God may choose to use some of the least likely people in your circle to minister to you, to love you, to support you or to help you. When you reach out to God, there is no limit and no sure way of knowing how God will respond to meet your needs. You need only be alert and open to God and how He chooses to work, to respond or to show up.

To help you get through overwhelming and difficult times in your life, God has many different ways that He can and will help you. It is not necessary for you to try to figure out what you need, or how it should come to you or how it should show up for you.  If you want God’s help, you just Simply need to decide that you will make time for God and spend time with Him daily in prayer no matter how long it takes to get your concerns out with God and no matter how long it takes for you to feel like God has not only heard you but that He will respond to you in ways and in times that He feels is best.  When you decide that you will make it a daily or nightly point to spend quality uninterrupted time praying to God, Share with Him what you feel is overwhelming you, He already knows but when you share it with Him from your heart, it gives you the chance to get it all out with a trusted friend. It gives you the chance to get it out with our very present Father, God. It gives you the chance to get it all out with God who is a loving adviser  and He has your best interest at heart.

Even though it may seem like nothing actually happens when you spend time with God and  when you get out what is overwhelming you or bothering you,  when you take the time to get alone with God and  pray and unburden yourself with what is overwhelming you,  not only will God hear you, but at the right times, He will respond with what He knows is best for your situations to bring about wholesome solutions to what has been trying to overwhelm you and choke the life out of you and your walk with Him.  You don’t have to be so tired out from constantly having to go through it. God wants to help you. He wants you to invite Him into your situations when you pray and believe that at just the right time, He will respond with right outcomes and right solutions.  Praying to God with your undivided attention may sound very simple to do, but you’d be surprised at how many people rush through prayer, pray halfheartedly, don’t pray at all, or pray while watching T.V. or pray while talking on the phone or pray while thinking about something else and they wonder why their prayers are either not answered or not working.  While you are thinking about it, go and do it now. Get alone with God, get it all out with Him, tell Him exactly how you are feeling about what has been bothering you, what has tired you out and what is trying to drive you to the brink of insanity. God has remedies for your life’s troubles, but you’ll only get those remedies if you seek God for them!