Merry Christmas!

Dear God Seeker, we made it, today is Christmas, the long awaited day has arrived to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday. You may have been busy Christmas shopping, cooking, working or traveling to see family or friends this year, but in the midst of doing all of this, what will you do to celebrate Jesus’s birthday? How will you honor our King of Kings and our Lord of Lords? What feasts have you prepared to honor God’s one and only Son, our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

It may seem incredibly impossible to give a gift to someone you cannot see and that you’ve never personally met, but we want to assure you that Jesus Christ’s omniscient presence is very real in our Earth Realm. He knows you. He knows what you like, He knows what you don’t like. He knows when you stand up, and when you sit down. He anticipates your every thought and your every move and He moves, orchestrates, or saves based upon this infinite knowledge of you. As your personal Lord and Savior, He is with you at all times and although unseen by you and undetected in your everyday activities, Jesus sticks closer to you than a brother – Proverbs 18:24. Although He requires no additional space or acknowledgment from you, Jesus is your unseen body guard whom God has commissioned to guard you each and every day in each and every way.

So this year as you think about what gift you will give God this Christmas, and how you will honor our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we’d like to recommend you follow the below exercise when time, space and your mood permits to bring your gifts to God and to Jesus Christ;

Pick a quiet place where you can be alone. Refrain from allowing any outside noise or any outside influence to invade your space. Light a candle. Pray. Clear your mind of all stress, worry, strain and disappointments. Repeat any travailing prayers that you’ve brought to God for His help. Ask God and Jesus to listen to you. Ask God and Jesus to listen to what you say with your mouth but also ask them to listen to what you don’t say by listening to your heart. Tell God and Jesus Christ what they mean to you. Tell them how they’ve impacted your life. State what differences they’ve made in your life that has had tremendous impact on you or touched you in some way. Express your gratitude. Express what you still need. Express how you feel. Express who you’re thankful for. Express who you’re not thankful for. Asked to be refreshed, revived and renewed, so that you can continue on the journey that God has started with you.

Savor the moments that you are alone and in the presence of our High priests, for on this Christmas day you will have been gifted with the presence of Almighty God and His one and only Son, Our King of Kings, Our Lord Jesus Christ! By doing this, it is in this way,that you will have given God and His one and only Son, our Lord and Savior the very best gift possible and that is the gift of yourself, your time and your gratitude to celebrate Jesus’s birthday! We hope that you will take the time to make time for God and for His one and only Son Jesus Christ, after all, they are always making time for you!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year –



Evangelist Wendy Evans

And the staff of WIN International Ministries