Jesus wants to teach you about Money!

 Jesus Christ, the savior of the universe approved Christians getting involved in making money using legitimate businesses, but Christiane have never been approved to make money their God and worship it instead of their creator, God. This article give you the teaching of Jesus Christ about money and business in relation to Christianity.

Jesus thanked the servants who invested their talents in business transactions and doubled the returns after some time (Matt 25), but cursed the lazy servant who hid his talents and never used them wisely to multiply and make more. This is an indication that we need to use our God-given talents including money to multiply to because this is what pleases God, our creator. He loves to see His children prospering financially. He loves to see His children doing well!

Jesus commends hard work for all His followers to enable them because He wants them to be able to support their families as well as their ministries without becoming burdens to other people. The apostle Paul agrees with Jesus when He states that those who do not work should not eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10). Many young people today look at work as punishment and want their parents to work for them and provide everything they need. They just want to sit, wash, decorate their hands and only wait to eat what is ready on the plates. This is against Christian values.

At the same time, Jesus commands Christians to be faithful in their financial management thus becoming good stewards of all that God has entrusted to their care. He does not support any form of extravagance among His people because this will lead to the wastage of God-given resources. A christian should properly budget for and spend his time and money in a way that glorifies God. He should give tithe and offerings to support God’s work and use the rest to help himself and other people.

Howeer, Jesus strongly warns Christians not to love money more than they love the giver of both life and money. This is a big challenge because some Christians tend to love their wealth more than God after getting a lot of wealth. They spend more time looking for more money; have no time for fellowships, Sunday services and even their families. Too much love for money becomes the source of all evil (1Tim 6:10). If this money is not properly used, it can lead to divorce among the marrieds, abandoned children thus increasing crime rates in urban centers.

Jesus Christ therefore, recommends that Christians should seek God first and His kingdom and all the other earthly things will be added unto them (Matt 6:33). This simply means looking at God as number one in all your priorities without encouraging any form of laziness. When the giver of money and creator of all things is given the first place in your life, He will bless you and give you all other things that you need accordingly. If God gives you money, it should be used to help you, but most importantly, to expand His kingdom to bring Him glory. Otherwise, He can take it back and give it to those who will use it appropriately.

In conclusion, every christian needs money to enjoy a good lifestyle in this world, support his family and the ministry of the gospel but he/she should not love money too much and worship it instead of the living God who gives both life and money. We brought nothing into this world and we shall take nothing out of it but if we have accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, then we will be with the God for ever and ever amen!