Discouraged? Invite God to help!

If you ever feel discouraged (and who hasn’t at some time or another?) there are plenty of ways to move beyond it. You can make it a temporary “blip” in time rather than a downward pull of emotional quicksand. Here are some ways of transforming your darkness into light.

Remember Abraham Lincoln!

You may not know this, but Lincoln was a failure as a soldier, a businessman, a lawyer, and even a politician. He was defeated in five elections. He told a friend he was the “most miserable man living.” Then he finally won an election. And the rest is literally American history. There are stories of others who kept on failing until one fateful day it all turned around. Did you know that 27 publishers rejected Dr. Seuss’s first book, To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street?” 18 publishers rejected Richard Bach’s book Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Then it sold 7 million copies. You could be next.

Wait on God.  He May Shift things for you in an Instant!

You may not know when your time will come, but it may be in a few seconds, hours, days, or weeks. Do you believe in Divine Timing? Is there a perfect time for your destiny to be realized? Perhaps this is so, and whatever you’re waiting for may be in preparation for you now.  Many people have jumped ship just before the perfect opportunity came to them because they grew discouraged and very tired of waiting!

Remember It Hasn’t “Turned Out” Yet

Have you ever wondered why it all “turned out” the way you think it has? “Why have I ended up like this?” you may ask yourself. But look at this with greater perspective. You’ll see that it hasn’t “ended up” at all. You’re on a path, still walking along, not at the end – but on the way.  No one said it was supposed to be a smooth and easy path.  Perhaps it has a lot of twists and turns.  Maybe there are some bramble bushes along the way. Remember that you’re still traveling, and a bright light can appear on the road at any moment according to God’s plans for your life.

See the Larger Picture

If you can stand way back from the experiences you’re having at the moment, you may see that there’s a larger purpose in you’re being exactly where you are at the moment. It may be what Barack Obama calls a “teachable moment.” You may be gathering characteristics of strength, compassion and wisdom. You may be learning that your setbacks and challenges are actually advantages.  Maybe you’re not supposed to be with that person in the long run.  Maybe a different life path is calling you.  Maybe you’re learning to be resilient enough to flow with any setback that comes along the way.

Remember It’s All Perception, Not Reality

What if the world as you see it is not Your true reality? What if this life is “but a dream and God has a different and better reality for you?”  What if you could go beyond the success/failure paradigm, beyond everything you’ve believed to be true about success and failure – and you could pierce through the clouds of illusion to see that you are now and always have been magnificent, brilliant, and radiant and you are exactly where God wants you to be at this precise moment?  Where you are now, allows you to meet with and connect with God in ways you would not have otherwise connected on if you weren’t where you are now. You’re not  really stuck or out of options because God is with you and He is for you! He has you on a path, when it is time for Him to turn the tables in your favor, you don’t have to worry, for He will! Until then you just have to find a way to feel happy, get past any discouragement you may experience and keep walking with God where He leads you.

Do you want or need God’s help to get past discouragement? If so, join us in this simple prayer;

Heavenly Father, Thank you for speaking to me in my pits of despair. I humbly ask you to reach down from Heaven and pull me up out of the miry clay of circumstances that I find myself in. Saturate my innermost being with your Presence, and fill me with joy and internal peace as only you can. Help me learn to manage and defeat any discouragement that I may be experiencing. I ask Jesus Christ, your one and only Son, to come in my life as well to become my Lord and Savior to help me in all ways to become the person that you have called me to become, I ask and Pray – Amen! https://twitter.com/godsbailout  


 -M.  Gordon  & “The WIN International Ministries Team”