Do you want to be Happy?

Have you ever said “I just want to be happy?” Maybe you have heard yourself saying this a thousand times already, maybe not. Even so,these words are what composes the deepest desires of a person’s heart.Have you ever wished that your problems would either go away or be resolved magically or supernaturally? If so, invite God to help you obtain and keep happiness in your life!


Here a a few tips to help you obtain and keep happiness!

Being happy means being active and energetic most of  the time. Ask God to help you be more excited about life and to find more time to do worthwhile activities. Instead of  watching TV, go out into the open and explore what the world has to offer you. You will find out that there is more to life than you and your own personal world.

Put yourself in a position where you can get to meet new and unfamiliar faces. Doing so will get rid of the boredom of an everyday routine and put the newness and freshness of the abundant life that God wants you to live within your reach. Humans are social beings and socializing is essential to our health.  Don’t face the world on your own.  Find a group where you can share your ideas, your emotions and even your life with. Your relationship with other people will bring out the best of you and will often produce happiness!

Worry drains out your energy; when your energy is lost so is your happiness. Do not allow your problems to dictate your life and do not allow your worries to dictate how you will feel today, choose happiness no matter what. Do what your situation requires, leave everything else to God and get back to being the happy person that you are.

Your thoughts can shape your life and the power of life and death is in the tongue. Be careful therefore of what thoughts you allow your mind to think and what words you allow your mouth to speak out. Replace negative thoughts and words with positive ones and you will remain happy no matter what.

Choose life, choose happiness. That’s what we are doing and we encourage you to do the same! God is counting on you to make the right choice to be happy!

Storms may come and rock your boat but when you are rooted and grounded in happiness, not even the fiercest of winds and waves can stop you. Happiness is important that is why you have to learn to choose to be happy and stay happy no matter whatever the circumstance.