When You Read Scriptures And Time Travel With God,He’ll Guide You!


It is always a difficult when picking which Scripture translation to choose for your own private reading. Sometimes it is hard not to think about the possibility that the original and authentic meaning of the text might get, to put it bluntly, lost in translation, or something along those lines. Especially when you are tackling the inspiring Bible verses, it is crucial that you are getting the closest possible translation and meaning of the original and authentic text.


Scripture translators face many different kinds of problems when working on translating Bible verses search. For example, do they translate accurately or literally? Both of these have the tendency to lose the original and authentic meaning and intent of the Scripture text. If you have decided that you want to take God’s invitation and Time Travel With Him back in Time to Read the Scriptures and You’re Having difficulty understanding the Scriptures from the Bible, Here are some tips you can use to help you discover the right Translation For You!

Here are some techniques when You are time traveling with God and  choosing your Scripture translations!

1. Why not try and refer to freer translations?

Freer translations are the polar opposite of the literal translations. The goal of this translation is to convey the original meaning and weight and meaning of the Scriptures as much as possible, but at the expense of having to use a different literary and language style.


It is very possible to miss out on a lot of the original meaning regarding freer translations, but at the very least you are guaranteed the accurate meaning of the Scripture text.


2. You try and read more than one translation of the Scriptures

No matter which way you put it, the translator’s own theological perspective and biases would no doubt show in the text he’s working on, leading to reading some of the meanings out of context or misunderstanding of the Scriptures.  This is the exact reason why you should always keep at least two different translations of the Scriptures on hand, for consultation  and to inquire of God whenever you feel like the Scriptures are not adding up or making sense. One translation is though-for-thought while the other leans towards being more literal.


3. However beware of some literal translations

A literal translation of the Scriptures takes a little bit longer to read because of some of the awkward wordings and phrases that tend to pop up from time to time as a result of the literal translation. So private readers and Scripture students, you must always be careful about using these reading aids, even though they can be helpful at times.


You should consider these three techniques when you choose to time travel and read the Scripture’s translation for your private reading. Hopefully you will find the right translation that best fits your style of reading, but if you are having difficultly finding the right translation for you, we encourage you to pray ans ask God to lead you to the right Scripture Version for you!

Want to Pray and ask God to lead you to the right Scripture Translation? If so, Join us in this simple prayer;

Dear God,
Thank you for inviting me to learn more about you and more about Jesus by time traveling with You when I Read The Scriptures. I want to make sure that I glean every ounce of your inspired thoughts out of the Scriptures, so I invite you to lead me to the right Bible that has the Scriptures so written that the text will leap off of it’s pages and grab me into them so that I can time travel to that era and gain impartation, and knowledge of You, Your Will, And Your purposes for working that way during that Era. Show me Dear Father, I pray how to apply the knowledge that I gain from time traveling and reading the Scriptures to my life to enrich my life to be all that you want it to be and all that You created it to be, in Jesus’s Name, I ask and Pray, Amen!