God has seen and He Wants To Set You Free!

God observes the shackles that we hide in our souls. We are slaves to food, sex, drugs, money, pride, fame, man’s approval, pornography, and a host of other vices. Once we make Jesus the Commander of our lives, we, by choice, become slaves to Him. He is the essence of Love and goodness, so our slavery is one of pure joy. Yes, it has its challenges and trials, but because we have a Master who loves us and cares about every detail of our lives, we navigate those challenges with His wisdom, strength, and supernatural aid.jesus-movie2

So What controls you today? What has enslaved you?  Turn from being a slave to things that will ultimately destroy you. Become a slave to Jesus! He’s called us His friends.

Let Him who is not controlling control you.
Let Him who is not condemning console you.
Let Him who is not demanding, command you.
Let Him who is not oppressive, consume you.


Do you want God to set you free? Say the Prayer below and expect God to begin to work to set you free!


I will hide my slavery no longer. I am a slave to ________.
I repent and lay claim to your two-fold promise to not only forgive me
(how grateful I am for that, dear Savior)
and that you will cleanse me spirit, soul, and body from the horrible effects of my addiction
and slavery.
I choose You as my Master.
I am your servant.
You have even called me friend.
Dear Friend, as long as I remain on this earth, I am at Your disposal.
I choose to be a slave to Your Truth,
addicted to Your presence,
filled with the Holy Spirit to the point of intoxication.
Lead me.
Do with me as You wish.
Instruct me.
Command me.
I will follow and obey without counting the cost.
For I have come to know that the cost of not following you is higher than I ever could have imagined.
It leaves me nothing – empty handed in this life,
with eternal death in the next.
Joyless. Without hope. Without peace.
I choose the life with You that enjoys the peace You promise.
I look forward to walking joyfully day by day following You and You alone.

In Jesus’ Name,

For you are a slave to whatever controls you. (2 Peter 2:19)

Now you are free from your slavery to sin, and you have become slaves to righteous living. (Romans 6:18)

-Pastor Mark and Jill