Unsure about God?


1. Come to the comprehension that God has a plan for your life.


God had it all planned out even before you were born. Remember that you are here not by accident or that you are here on this earth and nobody cares for you. Your creator always takes care of you. He loves you no matter what. There is nothing you can do to make him love more. You should read Psalm 139:13-17; it gives you some of the best truths you can ever learn about the Lord.


2. Trust God’s path for you and believe that He has good plans for you.

Do you really believe in your heart that God has a divinely designed plan for you? Whatever your response, Gods answer is yes. He does have a plan for you. He knows where you are and what you are doing every single day and every single moment of the day.


3. Spend time with God in His Word.

This is where God will reveal Himself to you in and through His written word. When you open your heart to Him and receive what He will speak to you; you will be able to receive His wisdom for your life and His revelations about the things that are going on in your life. You will see the outcome and the solutions for the problems in your life.


4. Change your own thoughts with the thoughts that God has about you.

When you change your thoughts; you will speak different words. When you hear yourself speak different words about your situation; you will believe what you hear yourself speak. And then you will start to act differently. That is very, very good. When you act differently; you will change the patterns of your habits. You will gain confidence in yourself and that will create your character. Your character becomes your destiny.


5. Develop a heart of gratitude and praise God for all the blessings He bestows on you.

Be thankful for the small things. Be thankful for the small beginnings. Don’t despise the small beginnings; that means do not neglect them and do not forget them. Give them attention; celebrate them in a way that you will remember them. Make a picture about a certain moment and put it somewhere so you can see it every day.


6. Be patient.

That is something we don’t like to hear and especially do not like to work on. We like it fast and we like it NOW! You might even feel like a failure when things do not happen right away. That is such a big lie of the devil. He does not want you to develop patience because it is such an awesome virtue in life. You will accomplish much through patience.


7. Go back over these points when you are unsure!

Especially point 4. That is the process you should implement into your life. Over and over again!! With every situation in your life. Find out the thoughts of God about your situation; agree with it and meditate on it. This is the biggest key to change in your life.


O. Hermans

Never doubt God’s love and care for you, He has a plan for your life, choose to believe that what you’ve been through is only preparation for what God is leading you to!