Don’t let the thief of Anger steal God’s Best!

Whenever people are wronged and get hurt, it is normal to feel angry, and popular Christian speaker and author Joyce Meyer said that there is nothing wrong about feeling angry. However, how people choose to act on their anger is crucial, since God’s word teaches Christians that they should not return evil for evil or anger for anger.

Anger never makes anything better, she said, and it’s a miserable way to live. More often than not, people who harbour anger blow up on somebody or crumble on the inside.

“Getting upset is not the way God wants us to fight our battles. Instead, when somebody hurts us, we can choose to trust God with our pain or injustice and overcome anger with good,” she wrote in her website.

Meyer said that God teaches His people that there is a right and wrong way to respond to injustices. People can either get angry and seek revenge, or fight the way God wants His people to fight – by trusting Him to be the Vindicator, blessing one’s enemies, then repay injustice with goodness.

“It’s certainly not easy to love our enemies and bless the people who have hurt us. In fact, this is probably one of the most difficult scriptures in the Word of God to follow,” she said.

But with prayer, Meyer believes that nothing is impossible. And she cautions that it is much harder to live with anger than it is to live in God’s love, peace, and joy. People have to take responsibility for their behaviour, she said, so the best thing one can do when feeling wronged is to pray for the people they are mad at.

“Make a decision today that you’re going to refuse to live angry. Ask God to help you take control of your feelings. And if you do act out in anger, confess it and God will forgive you. There will be a lot of battles in life, but God has an amazing plan for you,” assured Meyers.

-Joyce Meyers