God wants to help You “Manage”bad situations!

The Law of Fear and Faith states that one or the other will rule your life depending on you and your will when you are faced with bad situations. Each has the power to dominate, but only one will always be at work at any given time, both cannot exist at the same time.

Fear has a few meanings, the one we are using here is the irrational idea or thought that something will go wrong or be wrong causing bad and undesirable results. This type of fear is also an emotion that in some cases will cause unreasonable behavior or even cause total lack of ability to act. Every person who lives has experienced the emotion of fear.

Fear is our enemy, the fear of failure, the fear of lack, the fear of sickness, and so on. Once fear is released and allowed free reign over your life, your life will simply be dominated by fear. Everything will cause fear and the reason to feel fear will all too readily appear frequently. Allowing fear to enter into your thinking when you are faced with bad situations is the same as driving a car at high speed without holding on to the steering wheel; it will end tragically.

Faith also has a few meanings, but the one we are concerned with is the belief that the conclusion is beyond doubt. That something is going to happen and you are assured of the result. To have confidence and belief that events will transpire as planned. Faith is also an emotionFaithinGodas fear, but few people have ever experience the emotion of faith.

Faith is our friend, faith is the opposite of fear, and faith is the belief and trust in good while fear is faith in evil. Having faith is that special something that will cause you to be able to believe against all odds that what you are believing for is possible. Faith is your belief in God, your self, faith in your ability, faith in your friends, faith in your success, faith in your health, and so on. Having faith in God and yourself will cause you to create and achieve some extraordinary results. Having faith will cause you to become what God intended for you to become and what you felt like deep down inside that you could become!

Fear and Faith are a choice you must make, when ever you feel either the emotion of fear or faith you must choose to continue or change. Worry and confidence are actions based on your choice. Choose fear and you worry, causing more fear and more worry. Choose faith and you have confidence, causing more faith and more confidence. You can only have one or the other ruling your life, choose wisely as indeed your life does depend on it.

So you must make a daily choice, sometimes hourly choice, to have either faith or fear. It is your choice, yours and only yours, to choose your course. Nothing outside of you can cause fear or faith; it is how you react to the situation presented to you.

To suffer fear will result in loss; to suffer faith will result in increase.Confusedwoman4

God has placed the power of choice in your hands to choose fear or faith to handle any situation especially if the situations are bad – What’s your choice? Do you choose fear or faith?