Did you know God can help you create abundance?

If your life is not attracting the abundance that God wants you to have and experience, did you know that God is willing and can help you create abundance in your life? As a follower of Jesus Christ and a child of God, God wants you to experience His highest and best as you seek Him for His plans and purposes for your life. So if the abundance that God wants you to have and experience is missing in your life, God wants to help you create it! Since so much talk is circulating about the law of attraction, using the law of attraction in a Spiritual way with God at the center of it can help you create abundance in your life. Part of using the law of attraction effectively is to deeply believe that you can indeed create abundance and wealth in your life. Anyone can create abundance. Even if you have been having money problems, it is entirely possible to turn this around with the Law of Attraction. However, you are likely going to need to change your mindset. It is extremely important to remember that you may have a lifetime of preconceived notions and ideas that may very well be getting in the way of your happiness in all aspects of your life, not just financial wealth.

You can create abundance in every aspect of your life whether it is financial, personal or spiritual. You will need to toss out much of your old negative ways of thinking and move toward a different operational framework. Perhaps the main idea that you must expunge from your mind is that there is a limited amount of wealth, riches and happiness. The notion that there is a finite amount of wealth and resources is a highly destructive idea, and it is also one that most people cling to with great tenacity. Feeling that if someone else has wealth or happiness, that you might not be able to acquire wealth and happiness for yourself is a primitive notion.

There is no room for such thoughts in a world that is constantly showing us new ways to generate more and more wealth for all. Consider for a moment all the people that are currently alive. A few generations ago, the notion of feeding all of those people would seem absurd and impossible. It would have been a notion that would have seemed like naive fantasy. Yet today, we are able to feed billions of people. To our not so distant ancestors, the notion that we could have created this kind of material abundance would have seemed insane.

Let go of your limiting notions regarding wealth. If someone else has money this in no way means that you cannot have money as well.

You can take important steps to create abundance with the Law of Attraction, such as associating with wealthy people. If at all possible, be around others with money. The power of attraction states that like is attracted to like. Find a way to associate with those who have figured out how to create abundance in their own lives and learn from them. At the same time, you should work to eliminate the negative associations that you may have developed over the years. Try and rid your mind of such thoughts as “money is the root of all evil” and other thoughts that may be preventing you from finding a way to create abundance of your own. Take the time to pray daily to God and invite Him to lead you in ways that will help you create abundance in your life. Be willing to make changes if necessary as God leads you towards the abundance that He wants you to experience and realize that as your capacity to attract and receive more abundance begins to work, God is expecting you to manage the abundance that He gives you with integrity and excellence!