God invites you to Time Travel, Read The Scriptures!

 Many people tend to look at the Scriptures the wrong way. They pick up the Bible and read it like it is an encyclopedia. Sure, there is nothing wrong with reading the Bible in that manner, but God wants you to read the Bible for what it is, and it is the Inspired Words of the Lord.  Because the Bible is the inspired of the Lord, why not make it fun and entertaining. When you read the Bible, why not see it as an opportunity to Time Travel with God? It is a good way to take a trip back in time and all for “Free”! Reading the Scriptures does not have to be difficult, although you  won’t learn everything about the Lord from the first chapter, and everything about the Son of God, Jesus Christ, in the second chapter, but if you read the Scriptures, you will learn all about God and Jesus and their ways. Next time you get some free time on your hand, go ahead and time travel with God, take your time grab your Bible and time travel with God, read the Scriptures, make it fun. Relax, invite God to sit with you as you read and savor the words of the text that God inspired and had created for you to read!

If you want to get a better understanding of the Scriptures,   here are some tips to help you out as you time travel with God and read the Scriptures!

First things first, pray to the Lord. Don’t hesitate to ask the Lord for guidance as you are about to read the Scriptures.  Pray and ask God to illuminate the Scripture’s meaning to you and ask Him to help you understand the time period that the scriptures were written and how it’s meaning can be used to help you in your daily life.  Do not read the Scriptures with the hope of trying to prove any belief of yours regarding any subject.  Many individuals try to do this. In the end, they end up understanding nothing about the Lord and the Son of God and His grand plan for us. It is in the nature of people to read things out of context, to believe  what they only wish to believe,  so beware of this trap when reading the Scriptures.

If you happen to read something you do not understand, you should probably go back and reread it again and then pray and ask God to help you understand it. But if you still don’t understand it then write down the verse and chapter on a piece of paper and continue to read forward. Who knows? The portion you wrote down might begin to make more sense as you go on reading. Take your time reading the Scriptures and take care from reading too much in one sitting. Take short breaks because oftentimes reading too many scriptures can be overwhelming and confusing.  A good rule is to stick to only four to six chapters every day. Some experts recommend you start reading the New Testament first. It is much closer to our modern lifestyle compared to the Old Testament, a part of the Scriptures intended for the Jews. Disregard everything you know about the Lord, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and what you have heard about the Scriptures from other people because we have found that other people views can often cloud your own viewpoint of what the Scriptures actually appear to mean to you and sometimes scriptures are twisted to accomplish other’s purposes. It is best to begin reading the Scriptures with an open mind and always give time, space and room for God to show up to reveal to you the true meaning of the Scripture’s if you are confused, unsure or stuck when reading the scriptures.

We hope these tips will help you understand the Scriptures better as you follow God where He is at work and where He wants you to be. The more you study the scriptures the more they will begin to make sense to you and the more faith filled you will become as you time travel with God when you read the scriptures!  Want to study the scriptures and invite God to reveal to you the Scripture’s meaning and apply the scriptures to your life? Go here;https://www.mystudybible.com/