Maybe what’s needed is A Leap of Faith!

Never underestimate God’s power to bring you out and bring you through for there is no sickness, no disease, and no situation that is stronger than God’s power. God’s power can alter any situation for your good and for God’s glory. If it seems like your situations are hopeless, cling to God, ask Him to fill you with hope and help you build your faith in Him and what He is able to do in and through your circumstances. Pray, watch and wait on God, for at the right time, He will surely come through for you.

Circumstances may never be just what you want them to be and God may never answer your prayers the way you want Him too. Sometimes what’s necessary to see the hand of God move in your circumstances, is a leap of faith. When the odds were against her, Tasha Cobbs took a leap of faith, she dared to go forth when it seemed like she might fail. Listen in as she shares with you how God rewarded her faith in Him with His miracle working power! Perhaps, like Tasha Cobbs, God is waiting for you to ~Simply take Him at His word and take a leap of faith forward with Him so that you too can see the impossible made possible in your life!