Is the Bible the Word of God?

Is the Bible the Word of God?

Mmmyeah… not really. Words belong to the domain of deficient human communication, while God communicates through Love, creation and the beauty of all that is.

The Bible was written by humans. Sacred documents of other religions were also written by humans. You could say they were divinely inspired and that these writings attempt to convey that divine inspiration to others, but in general that doesn’t work out all too well. The word of God is something you hear in your heart, and not so much in the confusing words of humans.

There are some nice words and good ideas in the Bible, but there are a lot of useless ones as well. If you treat the Bible as something written by humans (and thoroughly edited throughout the ages) and use your discernment, then you can surely find gems of wisdom you can apply to your present situation in life.

It is unfortunate, but most religions turned out to be a means of controlling the masses, even if they started out with the sincerest intentions. Christianity is the rule and not the exception in this case. There is a world of difference between telling other people what to do and to encourage them to seek God on their own.

Since the Bible is a complex document with many points of view, rather than reading the Bible and forming their own opinions, people generally just listen to the interpretations of others – that’s the easier route. Seek out God on your own. Follow God, not other people.