Tired of Problems? Pray more so God can do more!

Always be grateful for the gifts of prayer which God has given you! Prayer allows you to go before our Heavenly Father for any and all things. If you’ve ever prayed then you know that prayer is a time when you communicate to God and it opens up the pathway for God to be able to communicate back to you! You need not be afraid of overwhelming problems that crop up that might try to choke the life out of you and your plans, just take it all to God in prayer and leave it there.He is well able to fix things, situations and people that we can’t!

Many folks often get very tired of waiting on God to answer their prayers, but delay is not denial. God is always working and always waiting for the right time to answer your prayers. Conditions may not be ready yet for your prayers to be answered. Some folks might not be ready yet for your prayers to be answered.

We encourage you to choose to use the time that God has given you to seek Him for His day to day help in getting through any and all things that may arise and come your way until the answers that you seek from God arrive. You may have to claim victory even before you see victory. You may have to claim your healing, before you ever see healing. You may have to claim your deliverance before you see your deliverance. In claiming things before they occur, you are showing God that you trust in Him. You are showing God that you are expecting Him to work in and through your circumstances for your good and His glory.

When you know that you have done your best in your present season, and your prayers have not been answered, then you will have to trust that God will do His best for you keeping in mind, His promises in His word that says”No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly-Psalm 84:11. ~Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart – Psalm 37:4. https://bit.ly/3rYrdXl