Claim YOUR Spiritual healing!

Prayer work is one of the most compelling forms of communication with the sources of all that exists. One part of prayer is the sharing of your deepest longings, desires and concerns with God while the other is the surrendering of these things to God because He is  greater than you.  There is also a third type which is important but often forgotten and that is the quieting of your mind while opening your hearts to receive God’s grace, His blessings and His guidance. It is through prayer and the invocation of God into your circumstances that you consciously connect with and strengthen the presence of  Your own Spirit. So, through speaking people offer words or songs of gratitude, trust, surrender, petition, intercession and affirmation while through listening they receive healing energies, love, peace and guidance. This shows that prayer helps spiritual healing in a great way.

The need to consider spiritual healing

There are hundreds of studies that show how effective prayer has proved to be in promoting health, well being and healing. A prayer is inherent in all the healing modalities and the rituals offered which greatly helps in promoting health and well being. As it is demonstrated by several studies on prayers and healing, you can enhance your medical care and state of health by just adding healing prayers to your medical regimes. Moreover by adding to your own prayers and seeking prayers from others, there are several other ways to receive spiritual healing works such as praise to your allopathic or conventional care.

However you might still wonder what is spiritual healing and why does it enjoy resurrection at times when there are several advances in medical science.

Well, this type of healing mainly covers a broad range of offerings that are designed to support the healing of body, heart, spirit, minds and lives. The methods teach  you to have a mind body connection and even make use of  guided imagery techniques with prayers to help in healing. As human beings are far more than just body and as their thoughts, choices, life events and choices have considerable effects on how fulfilled and healthy they are healing on deep levels is required for their well being.  So, if you choose to recognize or even expose your spiritual nature and your connection to a power which is greater than you, spiritual healing with prayers can help cure some dysfunction or illness.

Today, there are several people turning to spiritual healing as it addresses all levels of well being while it also relieves stress and fear. This type of healing with prayer naturally catalyzes healing lifestyle changes and promotes conscious living. This type of healing is not dependent on any human technology and so the results can occur far beyond what can be explained by medical science. However even if there are no physical cures experienced, spiritual healing would support other grounds of healing which often improves the quality of your life regardless of your physical challenges. So, if you are seeking this type of healing or need to learn some prayers and methods of healing then seek God in prayer and ask Him to lead you to the right places so you can learn how to claim YOUR Spiritual healing!

-J.  Magso

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