Bible Verses Are More Than Just Scriptures!

There are a lot of different ways to look at the Scriptures. Some people read it to seek guidance in how to live their lives, others read it to look for inspiration when everything in their lives isn’t going their way. A few folk read the strength Bible verses to pass the time, while other people totally adore the stories of the prophets and, of course, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Different individuals have different ways of looking at the Scriptures.


But one thing is sure – reading Bible verses and strength is a important trait of being a true Christian. A Christian is someone who makes time to read and understand the teachings of the Lord written in the Bibles through one of three perspectives. They are:


1. As Literature

This is maybe the most detached method in reading the Scriptures in terms of regarding its spiritual value as fact.


Many non-Christian argue the authenticity of the Scriptures as the Lord’ own Words, but still no one can deny the truth that the Scriptures – both New and Old Testaments – is one of the most interesting piece of literature of all time. No other book can attract debate as much as the Scriptures does.


2. As History

The Scriptures was not meant to be read as a history book in any way, that much is true, obviously. However it is also the only book to record the Christian movement in history with so much depth, as well as record the events of ancient Israel in a very insightful way.


If you read the Scriptures this way, you may not get much out of it spiritually, but it is still a compelling experience to believe the stories in it as to have really taken place in the same places and countries we know today.


3. As Holy Scripture

Reading the Scriptures as the Holy Scripture holds on to the perspective that the Scripture is truly the Word of the Lord.


However this belief is further segregated into three different categories: secularism or that the Scriptures is purely written by human beings; modernism or that the Scriptures was compiled by individuals who maintained a close relationship with the Lord; and fundamentalism or the belief that the Lord is the only author of the Scriptures.


Open your mind and read the Scriptures using one of these three perspectives, or write the scriptures as we previously mentioned to you if you want to experience the transforming work of God  in your life!

Enlighten yourself to the teachings of God.