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Maybe God wants You to Trust Him more and worry less!

As we look into Bible history, we will see that The Bible is full of people of faith that received the promise of God without seeing that promise right then — people who had to contend with  The devil and

Are Your Problems Holding You in Bondage?

Bondage is all about being held captive, it can be a physical form of imprisonment  but it can also be mental or emotional.  Bondage can easily be dismissed as a bad habit, a character flaw or some obnoxious personality quirk.

Don’t Worry about A Thing, Have Faith in God!

“When you thank God for something after it happens, that’s called gratitude. When you thank God for something before it happens, that’s called faith.” — Rick Warren Albert Anson is a Godly man. And when a Godly man wants to tell

Ever wondered How Politicans Think About God?

Mitt Romney says life’s greatest work isn’t something like running for president of the United States, but instead focusing on others and God. He told Brigham Young University students Tuesday that life’s most important work is “to lift others, to

Impossible Problems? Use Your Faith!

Now when we look in the 11th chapter of the book of Hebrews we are looking into what we call the “faith” chapter of The Bible; and as we read this chapter of the Bible it will increase our faith,

Yeah,things might look bad-But Trust God anyway!

Put your trust, faith in God I love fall. It gets cool at night, the elk start talking, and I get to head out into the mountains to chase them. I was privileged to go into the Bob Marshal wilderness

Problems happen but have Faith in God!

Faith in God helps through personal tragedy!    The last person Tony Mallion imagined talking about faith in God was James Bond 007. Here he considers how Pierce Brosnan’s faith in God helped him through personal tragedy. Pierce Brosnan realized that he was not able