Are Your Problems Holding You in Bondage?

Bondage is all about being held captive, it can be a physical form of imprisonment  but it can also be mental or emotional.  Bondage can easily be dismissed as a bad habit, a character flaw or some obnoxious personality quirk. In a world where the truth is often turned upside down we all tend to search for nice labels to mask massive strongholds.  Fairy tale reality is becoming the normal in Western society. We have a quick and easy solution to everything.  Some bondages happen because we all tend to never analyze to see if  the lastest faze  really works , we simply jump on latest popular band wagon and away we go.

When you are in bondage you never experience true freedom. You lose 20 pounds but  you gain back 30. You go from one rotten relationship to another one that is three times worst. Your clouds of confusion, eventually turn into storms of confusion. You have to substitute joy with distraction, diversions and every form of vain amusement that you can purchase.

A life of bondage is all about the next great fix, temporary relief to dull the pain of life. It doesn’t matter if you cling to a religious guru or a self-help prophet, invisible chains are chains none the less. You can pop a pill, drown the sorrow, shop till you drop, fulfill your ultimate sexual fantasies, try every new diet plan, become self-righteous and sanctimonious, entertain yourself endlessly, read every book dealing with your present day pain, but in the end if you are still tangled-up, tied-up and snared by a thing you are in bondage.

Breakthrough is all about warring against those things that would hold you in a dark and dank place known as a life unfulfilled. It is about uprooting strongholds that would keep you from being your best and fulfilling your destiny. Breakthrough  will only come when you fight against those things that fight against you. It is when you refuse to lose your health to donuts, chips and chocolate candy. It is when you refuse to allow laziness to steal your creative powers, you write that song, finish that drawing, construct that building, it is about becoming the best that you be.  You stay true to the faith and finish the course.

Being Blessed is the wonder that is bestowed upon you when you are obedient to the call and diligent toward the purpose. Blessing are the flip side of a curse, granted a lot of blessing are tender smiles of mercy wrapped in smooth clouds of love.  Granted most blessings are undeserved and unfortunately not appreciated.

When you are in bondage, you learn to fight against those things that fight against you, hiding in the closet and wishing the bad stuff will simply go away usually does not work. Thinking that hiding in the closet will solve anything is  called denial to the umpth degree.  Usually when one battle ends another begins whether you fight or not. If you find yourself in bondage right now, take the time to seek God for a breakthrough, for it is in this way God will step in and change your bondage to a breakthrough that will lead to His blessings!

-T. -Maria Allen