Have Joy in Creations!

When you wake up in the morning,  look around you at the wonder of God’s creations. Take time to see the spectacular flowers along the walk, the smell of water sprinkling the earth, and take time to laugh at the butterfly that seems lost as it flutters around your head.

God wants you to enjoy His creations not destroy them. Enjoying creations is a privilege. This privilege will not last unless we all make decisions to enjoy God’s creations and not destroy God’s creations. God’s creations will be around longer if you enjoy them and help protect them by not abusing or destroying them.

Why not make a decision to view your surrounding differently?  When you walk to your car, get on the bus, or whatever it is you do to get to work, take thirty seconds, pause and be thankful for the air you breathe, the water you drink or the green grass growing along your way.

Creation is not just nature it is also people. Remember to take time to enjoy the most beautiful of God’s creation of all which are, humans.  Hug someone.  Embrace someone. Smile at someone.  Give freely of yourself.  Look into the eyes of a young child and be thankful for God’s wonderful creation of humankind.

Take care of yourself too, because you too are one of God’s creations. Eat right,  and avoid those foods that are harmful to you. Nourish and enjoy God’s creations and worship and thank God for all that He has created. Give thanks where thanks are due. Give credit where credit is due. Be sure  to thank God for all of His wonderful creations He blessed us with to enjoy, and do what you can to protect and enjoy all that God has created and given us so freely to enjoy!  Now go about your way  and have joy in God’s creations.

-Dr Bob