Problems happen but have Faith in God!

Faith in God helps through personal tragedy!    The last person Tony Mallion imagined talking about faith in God was James Bond 007. Here he considers how Pierce Brosnan’s faith in God helped him through personal tragedy. Pierce Brosnan realized that he was not able to prevent some things from happening but he realized that how he chose to deal with it made all of the difference in the world. Pierce learned that When bad things happen to you, you have several ways you can choose to respond to them. Some of the ways you can choose to respond to them is by focusing on what has happened and allow it to control how you feel or you can try to make the best of what has happened and muster up enough trust, hope and faith in God, to go on with your life realizing that you cannot change what happened, all you can do is either change yourself or try to make the best of the situation that you find yourself in…… Read more on Network Norwich


FAITH MATTERS: Put your trust in God and radiate love!     Living a life of faith means trusting that Almighty God, who is always faithful, can and will act to redeem and restore “shalom,” the way things ought to be. It means working to learn how to hear God who is still speaking to us, not only in our hearts … Read more on Shelby Star