Is Your Life Missing This 1 Thing?

Look at those who are honest and good,
for a wonderful future awaits those who love peace. (Psalm 37:37)

Did you know that Loving peace is 1 of the secrets to a wonderful future? If your future isn’t looking as bright as you would like, try checking your Peace Index. The Hebrew word for peace is rich with meaning – Shalom means much more than meets the eye. It indicates overall welfare, health, safety, completeness, prosperity, tranquility, contentment, friendship, wholeness, and entire soundness in health. Shalom is all-inclusive to the rich and abundant life that Jesus died to give us. No, it doesn’t come trouble-free or trial-free; in fact, we are guaranteed both. But with shalom to carry us through, we make it over those trials and achieve the life of shalom that every human being longs for. If you want to start claiming the peace that God has available to you and for you, join us in the simple prayer below;


I haven’t always been a peace-lover. In fact, I recall times in my life where I promoted my own agenda, which led to disharmony in relationships. No wonder my future isn’t all that completely wonderful. But today marks the start of something new. Today I repent of not appreciating and promoting Shalom in every area of my life. Today I commit to You, Lord, to obey your call to be a peace maker! I will promote shalom in my life, my work, my family, my home, my schedule, and in my commitments. I hope to leave every person I encounter today a little more at peace than they were previously. I commit myself to honesty and goodness. And I will become a lover of all things Shalom.

In Jesus’ Name – my Prince of Shalom, Amen