Trust God’s Flow for Your Needs!

I’d like to encourage you to trust in the faithfulness of God in and through all of your problems. God is working in and through all of your circumstances to bring about His best good for you and for His Glory. Trust the Flow of God’s provision for your life to be more than enough to meet you at your point of needs, and your points of desperation. God is not limited by time, space, rules or predetermined outcomes to fix your problems, He can if He so desires to change any and everything concerning your problems according to His greater purposes and plans for your life.  You are not and never will be at the mercy of circumstances or situations when you trust in and follow God and believe Him to be faithful to you.

While some things may not have changed for you, choose to believe that they just have not changed yet. While some things may not be right, choose to believe that God hasn’t made them right yet. While low places, barren places and tight places may continue to exist in your life, choose to believe that God hasn’t altered them yet. “The key word here is God has not done so “Yet”. This is where the rubber meets the road, your faith may be being tested, and your patience may be growing thin, but choose to believe that God has a “Yet” moment in the future for you. Choose to believe that this is “Not” all there is for you. Choose to believe that God does have a new season and something better in store for you and you just haven’t seen it or gotten it yet. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen”. Though you may not see it “Yet” Choose to believe God for it, and if it is part of His plans and purposes for your life, eventually you will see it! Eventually you will receive it!

~Never be afraid to trust your unknown future to our Known God! God is Faithful, He always has been and He always will be Faithful! So, Stay in faith, and trust God, ~Though He may tarry with what you seek, Though He may take you the long way, filled with steep hills, winding roads, and peaks and many valleys, God still has sufficient enough supply to keep you on His life support system, so don’t worry.  Don’t worry, if you’ve surrendered your life to Jesus, trust that He really is in control so you don’t have to be. It does no good to worry about what you can’t control anyway. Choose to use your time wisely, Keep seeking God, wait on Him, God really does have a “Yet” scheduled for your life in your future when you place yourself in the Flow of His provisions for your life! – Evangelist Wendy Evans To God be the Glory!